Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 05

[Cthuyuu] Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai - 05 [Premux][D8E72E5B]_001_31493

Joint with Cthuko.

Looks like this volume is going to be adapted in two eps too. Not that I really care because this arc was kind of bad.

XDCC: !shoutai05

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  • Firemage


  • Geese1

    Thanks for the new episode!

  • mercer

    according to what i got from subbing stages QC comes after TLC right?? Does this mean Shimoseka 10 is gonna happen soon??

  • Are you delaying shimoneta until blurays?

  • christantoan

    09:10 Sign: …Preperation… -> …Preparation…

  • mercer

    Any update on shimoseka???

  • fuck hiryuu

    daily reminder that shimoseka will never be finished by this shitty fansub group because they’re a buncha hacks

    • Reminder that we don’t care about leechers like you. Enjoy your day.

      • Hyaku is a cunt

        >we don’t care about leechers like you
        Hang on a sec. Who do you care about then? Because everyone who downloads your subs are all technically ‘leechers’ as they don’t contribute to the work or pay for it.
        So who are you subbing the show for? (I say subbing like you’re actually still working on it when we all know you’ve dropped it like the buncha cunts you are)
        Lemme guess at what self righteous shit you’ll come up with
        >We sub for the fans who COMPLIMENT and APPRECIATE our work
        Yet you don’t apologise for any delays or even give proper updates when you know we’ve been waiting for ages.
        >We sub for the makers of the show who deserve a quality translation that actually tries to be close to the source material
        Doubt you’d actually come up with this as you’re not disabled enough to genuinely believe that but then again being the absolute fucking cunt that you are , you may spout something like that to inflate your ego and pretend you’re doing something for the ‘greater good’.

        I think it’s time to give up and put that degree in ‘Japanese culture’ to use somewhere else. Like I dunno , go back in time somehow and use it to weasel your way into Japan just in time to be hit by both of the bombs.

        • mercer

          Dude i think this is too much. Everyone is disappointed with the delays but that doesn’t mean you can say anything.

        • >we don’t care about leechers like you
          Looks like I needed to emphasise that just so you could understand. We don’t owe you an apology for doing things we want. You also don’t need updates because there are statuses on the side. Looks like you’re to dumb to realize that though. Now fuck off.

          • Hyaku is a cunt

            >Don’t care about leechers like me
            >Gives all your other fans the same treatment
            So you really don’t give a fuck about any of your ‘fans’ do you?
            Bout time you showed your true colours you cancer inducing , aids spewing lazy fucking cunt.

            • I don’t give a fuck about you specifically. Ubfortunately for you, I’ve already proved otherwise just by replying to kindly asked questions. Must be great not being able to read. You won’t be seeing anymore replies from me on this comment thread. Hope you enjoy your stay, or leave. I certainly won’t be missing you.

              • Hyaku is a cunt

                I obviously wont be seeing anymore replies from you because you have no excuse for your shitty work ethic or why you’re the cuntiest cunt in fansubbing.
                Shit even that nigger from underwater isn’t as bad as you are.
                But anyway , see you around m8 :3

                • Anon

                  It’s called a hobby, you ignorant douchebag. You really should stop changing your nick every comment, Stop Fucking Slacking 🙂

                  Why do you care so much about a cartoon in a language you don’t understand? Their “work ethic” on their HOBBY, please, that’s retarded. Obviously you’re just some deranged, delusional, inbred weeaboo maggot.

                  By your thinking, since you are so much inclined to “honest work” DO IT, sub this animu you retarded flea ranching special needs redneck.

                  • Hyaku is a cunt

                    >implying I change my name to be sekrit anonymous troll when it’s obvious it’s me from the way I type
                    Do you think you’re some sort of shercuck holmes you hiryuu dick gobbling gremlin?

                    Just thought i’d chime in and say that as i’ve wrapped up all my ‘loose ends’ so to speak.

                    Die in a house fire caused by the friction from you getting fucked up the arse by Hyaku and co , cunt lord.

  • mercer

    Can you guys give a proper update on shimoseka?? At start all the blame was put on zenrii that he/she was missing. And after the the TL was done it was stalled @edit for a week and now it is stalled @TLC for a week. At this rate this will be like ever to complete this show. No offence but this seems like the staff lost their interest and they are dragging the show. If that’s the case please tell me so I can go and watch the remaining episodes from HS if not rough estimate will be good. And also thanks for the first 9 episodes.

  • anon89

    Not trying to be a suck up or anything but first off let me say thanks to the people at Hiryuu for their subbing efforts since I have found you guys a while back as a person who enjoys anime but has no experience with Japanese language I really do enjoy your subs over some of the other fan sub groups out there secondly I know a lot of people will complain against about what I am going to say but whatever. People need to relax and have patience. I understand the frustration of these delays but give these guys a break they are only human and can do only so much its called real life and it does not always go so smoothly instead of moaning and bitching about the delays and slinging hateful comments around leave and watch your shows somewhere else then. There is no need for some of the idiotic comments above and while I get that people are angry saying hateful shit is not going to make things happen any faster so please everyone just chill out.

  • Anon

    Yo, Hyaku, just commenting to let you know that the vast, nay every one that can be called a human being understands what fansubbing is and that ZOMG RL happens! Just think of the demented idiots as some ISIL tards waiting for that special bullet with their name on it.

    Thank you all for all the hard work and just look and laugh at the stupid idiots, just look at how it rages over a cartoon! It must need tweezers and a high powered microscope to find it’s dick!

  • suguroryuji

    I usually dont comment but i feel l need to say Thank You Hyaku and the team at Hiryuu for all the hard work. Ill wait for your release no matter how long it takes. As most people will understand everyone has personal obligations and doing fansubbing as a hobby. Though the people here so rude… and I know Asenshi delayed Hello!Kiniro Mosaic like Shimoneta and most people would ask politely or not say anything at all. Hyaku I dont know how you do it but at this point I probably woulda closed comments like Underwater did with their site props to you for leaving the comment section open. And thanks again for all the hard work

  • gunsnmoses

    I too would like to voice my appreciation (and help drown out the vitriol) for all that you do, Hiryuu. Free time becomes an increasingly valuable resource as one grows older. Couple that with a task that requires multiple people, each with their own unique life and set of responsibilities, to coordinate and communicate with one another. It’s not hard to understand why these things can take time. Plus fansubbing isn’t a charity. You’re not beholden to anyone to do what you do. Regardless of your reasons for doing so the result is quality subs for us lot, and for that I will always be grateful. I’ll patiently wait as long as need be for the quality subs you deliver.