Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 06

[Cthuyuu] Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai - 06 [Premux][51E08739]_001_33511

Joint with Cthuko.

Would you pet an Usagi?

XDCC: !shoutai06

12 comments to Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 06

  • mkaze2006

    I’ll would..

    Thanks guys

  • Usagis are the cutest.

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the episode!


    Hi, just wanted to know if there’s been an update on shimoseka.

    • LameDruid

      Updates are always done in the form of status updates in the sidebar. If nothing changes, there’s no update and there’s no point asking for one. Hyaku said it’ll be done when it’s done, asking won’t get it done faster especially when I’m sure the active staff have already been badgering the inactive staff about finishing things up.

      Can we not have this happen every time a non-Shimoneta post is made?

      • In theory, the status bar is fine. In practice, it only really works when it actually receives updates.

        Even if progress is slow, as long as something changes regularly a status bar can encourage people that stuff is happening and dampen that curious irritation.

        When a status bar doesn’t change, that’s when people start asking questions.
        No, there has been no progress. Yes, we can see that from the status. That’s why people are concerned and asking what’s going on.
        Doubly-so because it’s multiple episodes behind and several weeks into the next season. “Show name” and “Current step” really aren’t very enlightening at that point.

        And for anyone who purely comes here for Shimoneta updates, well, it makes sense that they’re going to ask.

        People are concerned, and it is natural to be so. No, not all of us spill bile and hatred multiple times per comment thread but it doesn’t stop people just wanting answers. And I’m pretty certain that the polite update requests are themselves just a portion of the people quietly waiting but still desperate for information. (Or the episodes…)

        We’ve seen this happen before. Multiple shows. Multiple groups.
        A delay starts several episodes in. As the series progresses, the delay grows until the show has finished with multiple episodes to go. Sometimes a show gets finished, ages after the fact. Sometimes it gets dropped, after multiple reassurances of “we’re going to continue it”. After a while, you start to see patterns.

        <a href="http://www.hiryuufansubs.com/shimoseka/shimoseka-05/comment-page-2#comment-153119"I noticed this pattern back in August, three months ago and five episodes into Shimoneta. I was hoping that I was wrong and, so far, it has ended up following the exact same pattern.
        And to anyone concerned about a show running this far behind, sadly the only thing that will allay the questions is either a blow-by-blow status update or the episodes themselves.

        • Abandonment Issues

          A mod used to bother responding with sarcastic, condescending comments on how they’re “still working” on it, but I don’t think he bothers anymore, considering the lack of updates on the subject matter.

          Shimoneta has been in the same phase for forever and a day — we can all probably consider it to be unofficially dropped now.

      • OPFAN

        I didn’t want to sound rude or anything like that. It’s just that I’ve been very busy with university, so I’d like to watch finish some animes in the spare time that I have including shimoseka. If Hiryuu is planning on releasing it soon, then I would wait, otherwise I would grab some other subs, hence the question.

        If I’ve offended anyone in any way, then I sincerly apologise.

        • LameDruid

          “some other subs” Which is the real problem. The only alternative is Funi’s script (and their equally-stupid font that I’ll never understand the logic of using). We’re waiting and have been waiting because we don’t want to deal with that and no other group bothered picking this up (this also mystifies me given the show’s premise). It’s that simple. If it takes until the spring season for them to finish this, then I guess I’m in the minority that’s fine with waiting that long and watching other shows in the meantime.

      • mat

        I think, LameDruid, that Hiryuu would really benefit from copying your comment and pasting it in all new posts as a reminder for people who don’t want to use their memory and ask about shimoseka anyway.
        OPFAN, you were not rude, I agree, but what did you expect, honestly?

        And for Tiggs Panther: pressuring (in any form, that means even a simple question to remind the team at each post counts as pressuring) hasn’t done any good to any project whatsoever. I’m sure that wasn’t your intention but hiryuu having these comments at each new post, please don’t feed this movement.

      • NMe

        People would not comment as much on non-Shimoseka-related if old posts wouldn’t get locked. The latest episode is always the only show people can respond to.

        I’m fine with waiting if there is at least some sort of ETA. Right now the show seems dropped for all intents and purposes, the entire staff of the group seems to ignore that it even exists and people are getting frustrated because of it. Can you really blame them?