As you may have noticed, Brave10 has fallen extremely behind. Three key staff members have contributed to delays in some form. With no translation for the latter episodes, and only half the season edited and the fact we did this because CR released three days later, continuing the project now seems meaningless.

Originally, it was just stalled, but it’s been on hiatus for too long now and I’ve decided to cut the cord. I don’t enjoy dropping things, but I do not see the point of continuing this god-awful show when CR did a fine job. We’ve dropped two things in one season… I don’t like this one bit. More over, one of said key staff is still MIA.

I’m sure many of you expected this outcome, but until last Friday I was still holding out hope we could get it done and out of the way… I’ve now given up said hope.

That said, D4rkFactor has encoded all the episodes, and it seems a waste to let them go unused. I will therefore batch the raws together so you can at least have a better raw. I’ll likely do that during the course of the week – possibly Friday if I can get up early enough.

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  • Anihvl

    Sad the show is dropped I liked your releases… but what irritates me is the common trend of fansub groups “sorry, watch CR since they did a good job”