Brave10 01

21:13 is the cutest thing I’ve seen in anime for a little while.

EDIT: v2 file now up. A number of minor tweaks and a couple of derps fixed. It wasn’t really worth a v2 outside of the batch to be honest, but I wanted to punish Cyanryuu for not applying my QC properly and creating the ‘I we’ line. Yes, I raged, but politely 😉

Patch by Eng for Hi10P << Thanks to him for covering my laziness.

“Wait, you guys are doing Brave10?”

Yes. It was sorta last minute, so it was a bit of a scramble to get it sorted, and some quick-fire recruitment of a new TLC, but we’re doing it. When I decided as such on Sunday, there didn’t appear to be much interest from other fansubbers. Normally we’ll be out before this. However, given we scrambled to get the team together on this one, scheduling and organisation was a little less than… good. It also gave me two late nights due to the schedule being screwed :< Normally, we likely wouldn't do a CR release unless it was something we really wanted to do, but it streams three days late and isn’t available in EU. Normally, we’ll be out before CR.

Onmarishieisowaka is budhist chant btw, only he doesn’t quite say it as he should.
Marishiten is the name of his sword.

Anyways, this series looks fun, it’s not our usual ecchi stuff, but it does have the battles I so enjoy. That said, there are some ‘enjoyable’ shots.

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“What did we I wrong?!” Well, we didn’t apply the QC properly, that’s what. Sorry that line made it into the release. Fixed in v2.

XDCC: !brave01

XDCC: !brave801

Normally, I wouldn’t say normally quite as much.

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