As stated previously, the encodes D4rkFactor created will not go to waste.

Eps 01 – 03 are all Hiryuu and have had some fixes applied.
Ep 04 and 05 are all Hiryuu, but weren’t redone, so have the original release script.
Eps 06 – 12 are Horrible subtitles timed to Hiryuu raws and restyled.
No editing was done to the Horrible script.

Thanks to animegio for timing these, and D4rk for continuing to encode the episodes even when no work seemed to be happening.




As you may have noticed, Brave10 has fallen extremely behind. Three key staff members have contributed to delays in some form. With no translation for the latter episodes, and only half the season edited and the fact we did this because CR released three days later, continuing the project now seems meaningless.

Originally, it was just stalled, but it’s been on hiatus for too long now and I’ve decided to cut the cord. I don’t enjoy dropping things, but I do not see the point of continuing this god-awful show when CR did a fine job. We’ve dropped two things in one season… I don’t like this one bit. More over, one of said key staff is still MIA.

I’m sure many of you expected this outcome, but until last Friday I was still holding out hope we could get it done and out of the way… I’ve now given up said hope.

That said, D4rkFactor has encoded all the episodes, and it seems a waste to let them go unused. I will therefore batch the raws together so you can at least have a better raw. I’ll likely do that during the course of the week – possibly Friday if I can get up early enough.

Brave10 04

The screenshot above is from a conversation between two guys to show you how gay this show is…

Fibi forced me to work on this show because I messed up and forgot to time DxD04. I’ll never do that again…

Fibi says:
“Woot! Back to the original OP! We seem to have one show each season that refuses to go to schedule, Brave10 is this season’s! It pisses me off every time I see snake chick, she was supposed to be hot damnit!”

Netload doesn’t wanna work for me, so it’s not going up unless fibi can fix it.


XDCC: !brave04

XDCC: !brave804

Brave10 03

This weeks delay was brought to you by the year of the dragon. Brave10 claims another late night from me!

New OP… well, new audio in the OP, dunno why, I preferred the old one.

Filehosts are fun! Ok, so no clue what’s going on with most of them, but hey, we all knew it’d be turbulent for a little while eh? Netload is still up, and I’ve thrown some at Bayfiles too. Whether these’ll stay static or not, well, I’ve no clue.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention:
Tanegashima guns are high quality guns made in Tanegashima –
Mamegashi are a nut confectionery that look like jelly beans or candied nuts –

XDCC: !brave03

XDCC: !brave803

Brave10 02

Bele called dibs.


Earlier than last week, still slower than anticipated, but we should have our shit together next week. But, once again Brave10 forces a late night upon me! :< Quite a bit of deviation from the manga this week, the whole meeting with Ana is played out significantly differently. The purple chick also doesn't have any snakes around her crotch, like the manga, hell the battle with her is held in a completely different place! Generally, the manga is more full on, and far sexier (though not to extent of being ecchi.) The purple chick actually looked hot in the manga. The prayer is the Misogi no o Harai and we didn’t translate it. I stole the translation from the book Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers… I mean uhhh… yeah, all our TLs are fully able to understand even archaic Japanese! Misogi is a purification ritual, if you were unaware.

XDCC: !brave02

XDCC !brave802

Brave10 01

21:13 is the cutest thing I’ve seen in anime for a little while.

EDIT: v2 file now up. A number of minor tweaks and a couple of derps fixed. It wasn’t really worth a v2 outside of the batch to be honest, but I wanted to punish Cyanryuu for not applying my QC properly and creating the ‘I we’ line. Yes, I raged, but politely 😉

Patch by Eng for Hi10P << Thanks to him for covering my laziness.

“Wait, you guys are doing Brave10?”

Yes. It was sorta last minute, so it was a bit of a scramble to get it sorted, and some quick-fire recruitment of a new TLC, but we’re doing it. When I decided as such on Sunday, there didn’t appear to be much interest from other fansubbers. Normally we’ll be out before this. However, given we scrambled to get the team together on this one, scheduling and organisation was a little less than… good. It also gave me two late nights due to the schedule being screwed :< Normally, we likely wouldn't do a CR release unless it was something we really wanted to do, but it streams three days late and isn’t available in EU. Normally, we’ll be out before CR.

Onmarishieisowaka is budhist chant btw, only he doesn’t quite say it as he should.
Marishiten is the name of his sword.

Anyways, this series looks fun, it’s not our usual ecchi stuff, but it does have the battles I so enjoy. That said, there are some ‘enjoyable’ shots.

Show »

“What did we I wrong?!” Well, we didn’t apply the QC properly, that’s what. Sorry that line made it into the release. Fixed in v2.

XDCC: !brave01

XDCC: !brave801

Normally, I wouldn’t say normally quite as much.