As with any FAQ… some of these are infrequently asked! Note that some of this is quite old and outdated.

Hiryuu? Never heard of you!
Then how’d you get on the site? We started Oct 2010, and don’t do too many projects at any given time.

I have a video problem or issue with the subtitles displaying properly. What did you guys do wrong?
In the cases it’s not something we screwed up, it’s something on your end. Check if the CRC of the file matches the 8-character CRC in the filename. If it doesn’t, your download is broken, so try grabbing it again.

If you’re on Windows, use the latest version of CCCP. We probably won’t provide support for any other setup. Or you could grab one of CCCP’s alternatives like KCP or otherwise a player that can handle Hi10p video and render subtitles with xy-vsfilter (or XySubFilter, probably, and also probably some recent version of libass), but don’t expect this to necessarily work, even though it usually should. An alternative available on other operating systems and also on Windows that should probably work for the vast majority of cases is mpv. There are many known issues with other playback solutions.

We will not provide compatibility-oriented releases for those using other platforms or ancient computer hardware that cannot handle the above. However, unaffiliated groups may provide such releases using our subtitles, so maybe you could check with them.

Why are the comments closed?
Comments on posts automatically close after 14 days.

Why do you fansub?
For enjoyment.

What do the IRC and sidebar status indicators mean?

TL Translation TLC Translation Check
Enc Encode T Timing
E Editing TS Typesetting
QC Quality Control Soon Nearly ready, files being prepared and uploaded for distribution.

What’s a CRC?
In layman’s terms, it’s an identifier for every file created. Think of it like a serial number. It’s the 8 digit hexadecimal number at the end of our filename.

How do I know if I have the right CRC?
Get a program that checks CRC, something like RapidCRC, Hashcheck, or any number of other free utilities.

Will you do a joint with me?
Maybe. Get in touch.

How do I get an avatar on your blog?
Use Gravatar, and input the associated e-mail when leaving a comment.

Why don’t you accept donations?
While ever I can afford the costs myself, I don’t intend to accept donations.

The downloads aren’t working.
Leave a comment in the downloads section.

When will my animu be ready?
Generally, we’ll give you a target release day each week. Sometimes we beat it, if there will be delays, we’ll inform you.

Do you have an IRC channel?

How do I use the XDCC bot?
Use !triggers in channel or use http://xdcc.hiryuufansubs.com

Can I use your script?
How do you propose we stop you? If we intend to do our own BDs, we’d prefer you didn’t… but honestly, we don’t really care, it’d be nice if you left us some credit though.

Will you do this show?
We’ll do what we announce.

Will you do X at this size, aspect ratio… insert other video parameter here?
If we haven’t announced as such, it’s unlikely.

Are you recruiting?
Yes: http://www.hiryuufansubs.com/?page_id=28 But if you had to come here to find that out… we prolly don’t want you.

Are you training?

Will you reseed torrent?
Yes. bug _Firebird_ twinkle- on IRC.

Is X uncensored?
If something airs uncensored, we will do that version as well or instead of. If we don’t show an uncensored version, it means it isn’t available and you’ll have to wait for the BD.

Will you release BDs for X?
If we liked the show enough, we may do BDs. We will announce any such projects, but they are likely to be slow releases. TV projects take priority over BDs.

Why Hiryuu?
Firebird likes fire and dragons.

64 comments to FAQ

  • please?

    any chance of a Dog Days first season batch? as all of the 1080 torrents are dead :/

  • MIKE

    I would like to learn encode 10bits
    could you give me some tips? ^ ^

  • Name

    Any updates on Freezing? I pretty much just come here to one day get that BD 10-bit batch. I can wait and be patient. Don’t look at the other posts, so I don’t know if maybe it’s been mentioned in a post for another series.

  • Chuck13579

    Are you subbing Highschool DxD episode 14?

  • amir

    Hey hiryuu-crew
    i was just wondering if high school dxd is getting re-uploaded cause ep5-12 have dead torrent links

  • kira

    hello do you guys sub sports anime?

  • FlameHaze

    Ya’ll gonna sub anything for the fall season?

  • VeralianIV

    Any chance you could release the script alone without the need of downloading the whole video as an option?I download small-sized-hd-encoded-anime(I have limited bandwidth)but they always come with HS subs and I really want to use yours

    • twinkle

      Scripts are automatically ripped by animetosho, so just check there.

      If you’re wanting scripts from something older than what’s currently up there, just let me know which shows and episodes and I’ll see if I can put them up for you. (I assume you’d need fonts too)

      Do note that the subs will likely not be synchronized with a different video source, so you may need to shift them yourself.

      • VeralianIV

        Ignore the other one I messed it up and i can’t even delete it.
        Thanks for the reply,didn’t know animetosho offers sub only too,I’m using this one subs.com.ru but subs are posted only after the anime is completed.
        And yeah I’m aware of the sync problem but it doesn’t bother too much.

  • Gelus

    Hey, been watching your work for awhile now and never had an issue until today. Updated to the newest CCCP to try and fix it, still no luck. Not sure how to describe it, but I will do my best. The image in all the videos are tinted green, it is slanted, and there are actually 3 separate images playing ta once as though three separate videos of the same episode are playing in the one screen.

    I’m not very good with this stuff and have been unable to fix it. However, using VLC *shudders* it seems to work fine on it, albeit, it takes a moment to load each video up. Any idea on what happened to my classic media player?

    • The problem is caused by updating your NVIDIA graphics drive. You can avoid this problem by downgrading your graphics drive.

      • twinkle

        AFAIK it’s caused by Nvidia’s new handling of 10bit YCbCr for EVR in the new driver, so downgrading drivers works.

        Using the newest CCCP beta (which has a workaround) also does, as does manually disabling the 10-bit P010 output option in LAV Video Decoder or not using EVR in the first place (say, using madVR), supposedly.

  • ediwow

    is hiryuu fansubs a harsubs?

  • frjoethesecond

    Hey guys. I was wondering if you were gonna finish the TL of the Girls und Panzer OVA’s? Also, any plans to do Yukari’s Tank Corner, the Anzio OVA or the new movie?

    I love your GuP script for the main series, so watching other groups for the OVAs is somewhat unpleasant. It also hurts my OCD.

    Many thanks for all the Anime goodness you’ve delivered over the years.

  • JoshyBoy

    I really love your work, are you still an active fansub team?
    If you are, please continue with Grimgar!

  • Kura

    Hello. I’m also a translator (my native language is hungarian) , moreover I’m translating from your works. So I’d like to continue the Grimgar. I don’t want to translate from Horriblesubs. In my opinion, you should continue this project, because yours is the only one good and understandable translation. If you are still an active fansub team, then please share the last 6 episodes. Thank you very much.

  • X33

    Hello, just asking some question here. Is the information about XDCC bot is updated? or the bot really just offline for the time being? if its really offline, did the bot down for good or just a temporary problem? I really love Hiryuu’s works, but they just release on XDCC and torrent. Torrent is a no go because some reason with ISP, and the bot has been offline for quite some time.

  • Jask

    Hi, can I inquire if the xdcc bot is still working?

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