Freezing Vibration 06


A day late again, WsE really is a cocknose!

I really, really disliked this episode. Louis is a pile of shit.

XDCC: !frzv06

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  • QuatreFury

    I read the manga and did not expect this arc to be animated.

  • Been waiting for this! Thanks for the release as always!

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the new episode!

  • soshii

    Think everyone hates this arc. But luckily they flew through it very fast so it’s only going to be an episode and a half of it. Would’ve given this series up if it dragged on for more than 2 episodes. Thanks for release 🙂

  • macxxx007

    Yup… that he is… thanks for the episode!

  • anonymouse

    Is there supposed to be a lot of static when Louis is talking? Could someone clarify this to me, otherwise I’m suspecting a problem on my end.

  • Riftshaw

    Good thing I was not the only one who skipped through most of the episode…KInd of knew waht would happen anyway.

  • Doughnut

    @anonymouse – yes, the static is supposed to be there during those times when Louis is talking. I was hoping Satella would’ve activated her Volt weapon and cut off Louis’ head or something, would’ve been better.

  • Zer010

    I wish Satellizer would bend him backwards and shove his head straight up his ass then present to that to her step-mother >_<

    Next Ep: Ganbatte Aoi-kun!

  • Bentenmaru

    really wish they would have done the E-pandora arc seperate and not include Louis arc story in the season. good thing Im a deep follower of the manga

  • HaloGuy

    Louis is an asshole! I repeat, Louis is an asshole!!

  • The most controversial arc of the entire Manga/Light Novel series—
    and I thought it was gonna hold off ’til Season 3 (what with Elizabeth sadly being “broken”, and all). Them “Siblings”, ya’ll!!
    Yea—who else, ‘sides ME >_< , wants to dropkick that bastard to the ocean?!

  • Pawprint

    How to properly conjugate the verb to go:
    I go.
    I went.
    I have gone.

    How to sound like a redneck when conjugating the verb to go:
    I have went.

    20:58. Argh.

    P.S., Louis is a prick.

    • twinkle

      What did the Freezing crew do this time?

      Oh. There’s pretty widespread usage of simple past tense verbs as past participle for a lot of word groupings (including this one) in a whole bunch of dialects. It’s hardly contained to the South. I’d say that this is one of these evolutions of the language created and perpetuated by certain ig’nant ‘Muricans that may sound much worse to others, but I think this passed both cc and Fibi… *shrug*

  • H_B

    Well, at least Kazuya hadn’t acted like your typical NTR protagonist.

  • Vekkun

    Freezing Vibration 05 and 06 are the apotheosis of the animation, the worst of the worst! It isn’t an anime, it’s an NTR hentai. I really hate this 2 episodes, i hope that the creators will have an accident!

  • shaniqua

    looks like the author really likes NTR