Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 11 (BD)


Almost done! Only one episode left.


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  • ­bloop

    Will there be a BD release of 01-07 as well or a batch?

  • brandy

    Really hope you’ll do 2.5 as well. Other than that I’m elated to see this, best present since Christmas.

  • blankaex

    hyaku finds a way

  • Gotta say, Hyaku sure knows how to pick a good release pic.

  • man00ver

    I’ll be the wolfdog pup if I can ride in there. Thanks, Hyaku!

  • Enamelthyst

    Small editorial snafu at 13:48:
    “But when you die, you turn into ash.
    “Manato was no different.
    “And neither will any of us.”
    I’m afraid the last line doesn’t work grammatically, although the fix (“And neither will be any of us”) sounds archaic and weird. Maybe something simpler and closer to the Japanese like, “Manato did. And so will we” would work here? Or just change the last line to, “Nor are we,” or whatever you like, really.

    • QQwerty

      It was the closest approximation to how someone would say that in a real conversation. I like to think we can bend the rules a little if circumstances require it.

      • Enamelthyst

        Of course we can. It’s just that in this case the verbal mismatch was jarring enough that it felt odd to me. (If I were speaking naturally, I’d probably say, “And we won’t be, either,” for the last line, but there’s no poetry in that.)

        Speaking of poetry, I can’t be the only one who’s had those famous lines from Little Gidding running through my head the whole time I’ve been watching this—

        Ash on an old man’s sleeve
        Is all the ash the burnt roses leave.
        Dust in the air suspended
        Marks the place where a story ended.
        Dust inbreathed was a house-
        The walls, the wainscot and the mouse,
        The death of hope and despair,
        This is the death of air.

        Thanks for your hard work on this! I’m very much looking forward to the final episode.

      • man00ver

        Change it to “Nor are any of us,” and it’s perfect.