Do you want to join an ever-expanding group of super awesome people and forever go down in the annals of history as the best there ever was? If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you should probably stop reading now.

However, if you’d like to be treated only slightly better than a prinny, work hard, get paid nothing and have some sniveling overlord-type fellow order you about like he knows what he’s doing when really he doesn’t. Well, that we can help with.

We’ve put a few feelers out already, but so far have either refused applicants or people just haven’t returned tests – usually I get at least ¾ back. I don’t know if it’s a bad time for recruitment, if it’s just because people thought we were dead given we did nothing last season, or because it’s different positions we are recruiting but I was expecting a few more applicants. So, let’s give a proper post a shot before I wander off to those dirty forums!

Current Positions
Quality Checker – You saw what happened to Machine Doll last week, right? Stuck at QC for three days. That’s just plain daft. Help us prevent this monstrosity of a wait! Donate your blood, sweat and tears to our cause! Bitch at the editor about a silly little typo or rage about the TS before realizing you forgot fonts. This role just sells itself, huh? Nah, I don’t want you to bitch or rage, but I do want you to seek out our mistakes. You’ll be placed on Machine Doll right away, so being available during the week is pretty important.

Typesetter – Ours vanished. So far this season, the TS has been fairly minor so it’s not caused any issues thus far. However, it’s all too risky! So, come along and fill our subs with pretty unicorns and rainbows. Bonus points to anyone who sends me the test back with those in, btw.

Future Planning
Translator – Always, always looking for more of these. Can never have too many! Nothing for you this season unless we grab a movie or something. But would definitely like another TL ready for next season so we can comfortably get two shows without the need to simulcast TLC edit.

I do have a Hiryuu side-project that could use some loving from a TL right away. *glares at lyger :<*

Editor – I’m currently putting everything on one editor. This is not a good idea, I’ll burn him out if I’m not careful. We do have Twinkle as a capable editor, but he’s busy with real life crap. Preposterous, right? Anyhow, whether you take on a show from this season or wait for next depends on you, and what the other editor wants to do.

Depending on the TL recruitment, there may be a side-project up for editing fairly swiftly that would give you something to sink your teeth into until next season.

Timer | Encoder

You’ll get to spend your days among a group of super-awesome individuals… who am I kidding? There aren’t any. I’ll buy you pizza online after the season ends, how’s that? Tempting, huh? No? Well I guess we could always give you WsE too.

So basically everything in some form or other. I’ve never actually opened recruitment to this level before, I’ve never really bothered with backups… but the vanishing TS, no TL for Dollies and my now-subfree midweeks mean we might need to be a bit better prepared!

As always, tests are available when you email me at firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com, please include timezone, availability as well as previous/current groups where appropriate. I ask you contact me no other way. I don’t currently have an encoder test as I have never actively recruited one before, backup or otherwise, therefore please just link me your work in the email, along with what groups you’ve worked with previously – I’m going to go entirely on your reputation.

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