Update 30 January 2014

Have high aptitude, a good attitude, and perhaps a decent amount of latitude in your schedule, all while being masochistic enough to want to help us put text and stuff on top of anime? Hiryuu’s hiring!

We’re currently recruiting the following:

Translators are pretty much always welcome everywhere. Keep in mind that we usually focus on ecchi and shounen action shows, seemingly. An advanced, if not native-level, command of both Japanese and English is required. No experience in fansubbing is necessary, but it is preferred.

What to do if you’re applying
If applying, please contact us (try HyakuPercent and twinkle- first) on the IRC channel or by email (hyaku [at] The main channel is #Hiryuu on Rizon, but for recruitment, join #Hiryuu-Recruit. You can post below as well, though we’re less likely to see that. Be sure to describe any prior experience you may have, as well as what times of the day you are generally available—and in which time zone. Also, list which position(s) you’re applying for, of course.

Only apply if you’re actually available and can keep commitments throughout the season.

37 comments to Recruitment

  • MidnightDreamer

    I’m interested in becoming an Editor. I don’t have experience with fan sub, but I work for several Manga Scanlation groups in the same position and have been for a while now. I would love to help out if I could ^^

    • twinkle

      I rarely read manga myself, but my impression of scanlation groups from those in them is that the vast majority ask for different things of editors than most fansub groups do.

      Anyway, get on IRC (rizon) and join #Hiryuu-Recruit (or just the main #Hiryuu channel) in the next several hours, and we can talk.

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