Samurai Bride


Dropped. I can’t express my upset over this, but the cap for ep05 I thought I was getting never came through. We’re three eps behind, no caps, and even if we go and shareraw every week, at best we’d get it out four days late. It’s a CR edit and therefore not worth the hassle. This show meant a lot to me personally as the original series was our first ever show from TL up.


Go watch FFF.

Senran Kagura aside, we’ve had a few shitty seasons for one reason or another, and tbh, this one isn’t looking great either. Hyakka dropped and HenNeko constantly being delayed by 24+ hours is just awful.

We now have a bunch of staff just sat twiddling thumbs.

I can only apologize to any leechers we still have remaining.

Dakara Dropped

Unfortunately, we’ve taken the decision to drop this joint. Hiryuu and GotWoot do not gel well together and it’s caused nothing but headaches from the start. Our work ethics and structure are completely different and it’s lead to an unhappy partnership.

Rather then drag this out to the point where one side blows up in rage and we fight for custody over the kids, it’s best to cut our losses, avoid drama and stay on friendly terms.

I apologize to our leechers, and the staff who worked on this.

We do not have resources to complete this show outside of a joint, however GotWoot intend to finish the project.


As you may have noticed, Brave10 has fallen extremely behind. Three key staff members have contributed to delays in some form. With no translation for the latter episodes, and only half the season edited and the fact we did this because CR released three days later, continuing the project now seems meaningless.

Originally, it was just stalled, but it’s been on hiatus for too long now and I’ve decided to cut the cord. I don’t enjoy dropping things, but I do not see the point of continuing this god-awful show when CR did a fine job. We’ve dropped two things in one season… I don’t like this one bit. More over, one of said key staff is still MIA.

I’m sure many of you expected this outcome, but until last Friday I was still holding out hope we could get it done and out of the way… I’ve now given up said hope.

That said, D4rkFactor has encoded all the episodes, and it seems a waste to let them go unused. I will therefore batch the raws together so you can at least have a better raw. I’ll likely do that during the course of the week – possibly Friday if I can get up early enough.

We will not be doing Milkbags 02

(Queen’s Blade Rebellion 02)

[21:40] animegio KyonyUU probably gave the tl to waffo, amirite?
[21:40] _Burntout_ Aye. I was gonna struggle to find people to work on it, and it’ll be the same TL so no point.

EDIT: Note, it wasn’t kyonyuu who TL’d the SFW version, so I guess we didn’t need to drop it. But, it’s done now, and we’d have struggled to get the staff to do this anyhow. Everyone seems to hate QB.

Luckily for you milkbag lovers SFW saves the day. With the current backlog in Hiryuu there’s simply no time to also work on this. Translator/translation would be the same if Hiryuu did it, so it shouldn’t matter.

Personally, I’m happy with this outcome, as it’s utter shit. Effing milkbags. for links, torrents and whatever else people may want.

Damn milkbags.

Here, have a loli: »

Sekirei… dropped!

I had no intention of dropping Sekirei, it was purely on the back burner. We’d actually just picked it back up and Nesto was happily sat timing away. The idea of dropping something makes me cringe… but here we have it. 🙁

Nesto looked over on Nyaa and noticed Chihiro released the BDs… first one being 24th December 2010… I guess we didn’t notice because we haven’t released any eps since November. I originally chose Chihiro subs, as when I spoke to them I was under the impression they had no intention to do their own BDs. Obviously, they either changed their minds, or I was miss-informed. But I don’t see any point in releasing something that is going to be 86.7841% the same as them. You can cope without Kazehanas text flying off screen right? I imagine some of you would welcome it.

Before anyone starts suggesting we use someone else’s subs… no. I have no intention of going back the last 5 eps. There are other groups already using Ryuumaru too, the reason we didn’t chose to go Ryuumaru in the first place fact.

Sekirei BDs were the reason Hiryuu was formed, but when we got a couple of full-time TLs on the staff… we quickly shifted focus to TV stuff, that we actually had to TL. Hyakka was our first “true” project, and Freezing is our second. For next season we are throwing around a couple of shows, we’ll keep you informed as we draw closer.


We dropped Sekirei ~ Pure Engagement ~ BDs because we were using another groups subs; Chihiro who are now doing it themselves.