Sword Art Online II 11v2


Here is what everyone has been waiting for; a good serving of ass.

We’re still looking for staff so those of you who are interested in joining, please contact me on IRC or email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com

twinkle edit: There were character encoding (locale, something like that) issues with the v1, causing the dashes to not display correctly. Also, one of the chapters was misnamed. This v2 just fixes those minor cosmetic issues, so don’t bother with the v2 if you don’t mind them. Thanks to people who caught this early and notified us. I don’t think many people had gotten the v1 yet, or I wouldn’t have bothered. Here is the patch and here is the updated script, if you just want that.

XDCC: !sao211v2

Sword Art Online II 10


I hope you enjoy the release of Sadness, Angst, and Outrage as much as HyakuPercent enjoyed the TS break here. Or more. Also, best girl? (but don’t get your hopes up much)

Believe it or not, we’re still understaffed, so in lieu of boring you again, I suggest you check out the post below or the recruitment page for more details.

By the way, some stuff happened while I was trying to fix the XDCC bot, and I accidentally (or was it on purpose) killed the XDCC triggers, so triggers for old shows don’t work anymore. Sorry. I added back triggers for NGNL, FrzV, and SAO2 manually, which should cover what most people still want. !list and !find still work fine, and you can always refer to this page for the pack number.

On another distro-related note, nyaa is down again, this time for migration. Edit: for whatever reason, the server isn’t wanting to seed this magnet link, so initial torrent seeding will be slow. Please continue seeding if able. Thanks.
Hyaku Edit: Distro via torrent fixed.

XDCC: !sao210

Sword Art Online II 08-09

Yui-chanA double release!

Same excuse as usual, I guess. Well there’s that and there were a lot of signs to go through in episode 08.

Hiryuu is still a bit understaffed and it would probably be great if we had another editor and encoder join us. Translators are always welcomed too. For those who are interested, please contact me on IRC or email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

Extra recruitment blurb:

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twinkle edit: I’m not sure what Hyaku’s smoking, but the GuP OVA’s going to take some nontrivial TS work, so typesetters are always nice to have. Let’s say we’re recruiting those too. Also, when NGNL BDs get unstalled (i.e. after Hyaku and Rekyu get off their bums), it’d also be nice to have someone reliable do one final QC pass on those. I found a bunch of stuff when looking at the TV releases a while back, and an extra pair of eyes doesn’t hurt.

TOR: 08, 09
XDCC: !sao208, !sao209

Sword Art Online II 07

Sword.Art.Online.S02E07.720p.WEBRip.x264-DFHD_001_27690Sorry about the delays. There was a bit of trouble with time zones and real life commitments.

As most of you have noticed, we have stopped releasing v0s of Sword Art Online II. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit too well with our translator’s schedules and we have decided to drop them. This does not mean we are dropping the show.

Now for the weekly routine of searching for staff! We are looking for experienced staff. If you don’t have any prior experiences in fansubbing, you will have the opportunity to prove yourself through tests. Contact me on IRC or email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

XDCC: !sao207

Sword Art Online II 06


It’s here: another episode of Stupendous Angst Ongoing. Sorry for the delays. People fell asleep and stuff, and Hyaku was away most of the time at some con and then back recovering from it. Thank our personal 257th florist for stepping in to time this ep.

That kind of segues into our usual recruitment pitch, so I’ll just copy/paste some stuff Hyaku wrote:

We’re a bit understaffed and it makes me sad that not many people has approached us… In any case, if you’re interested, please contact me on IRC or email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

See you next week.

XDCC: !sao206

Sword Art Online II 05v2


Real life decided to be an ass and took a lot of time out of my schedule. This episode has a lot of signs and the team wasn’t available resulting in delays.

Reminder that we’re still recruiting! We’re especially in need of timers and typesetters. For those who are interested, you can contact me on IRC or email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

v2 to help prevent typesetting-related toaster breaking on playback. There are minor tweaks to the script too. You can download the patch here.

XDCC: !sao205v2

Sword Art Online II 04


It’s here! We finally got our dose of Trapito. Kirito looks too cute for his own good…
I just hope we won’t be held responsible in that case that someone does end up swinging the other way from watching this show.

Also, Rekyu would like it be known that the stupid studio decided to make one of the English signs read “paied.” We fixed that with some typesetting wizardry to spare your eyes from the bleach that might have otherwise been needed.

Just want to remind everyone that we are still recruiting! We’re a bit understaffed and it makes me sad that not many people has approached us… In any case, if you’re interested, please contact me on IRC or email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

XDCC: !sao204

SAOII Announcement — ep 4 update

I think Rekyu’s asleep. Anyway, he’s been afk the last two hours since airing (no TL no life), so I don’t know what’s going to happen to Swords Are Overpowered.

Stay tuned for a later v0 if it happens (looking unlikely now) and definitely for the usual release.

edit: he woke up soon afterwards, but regardless no v0 this week.

Sword Art Online II 03

[Hiryuu] Sword Art Online II - 03 [720p H264 AAC][F37A4F45]_001_24404Pic of best girl.

Here’s your weekly dose of trap Kirito. Is it me or is there so many trap shows airing this season?

Delays this week brought to you by almost everyone. If you want to blame someone, you can blame twinkle. On another note, karaoke has been polished up. Just want to say thank you to conkerer again for helping out with the opening. Hope you enjoy it!

We’re currently having some trouble with the server so seeding will be a bit slow. Please bear with it and help seed if you can.

Just a reminder that we are currently recruiting staff! For those who are interested, jump onto IRC or contact me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

XDCC: !sao203

SAOII Announcement — no 3v0

Well, I just had an IRL engagement come up, and Master Rekyu is not feeling in top form to translate and all, so we’re canceling the v0 release for Senseless Asuna Ogling. It’ll be back next week. Our apologies, but we hope to see you for the v1 release anyway.