Sword Art Online II 04


It’s here! We finally got our dose of Trapito. Kirito looks too cute for his own good…
I just hope we won’t be held responsible in that case that someone does end up swinging the other way from watching this show.

Also, Rekyu would like it be known that the stupid studio decided to make one of the English signs read “paied.” We fixed that with some typesetting wizardry to spare your eyes from the bleach that might have otherwise been needed.

Just want to remind everyone that we are still recruiting! We’re a bit understaffed and it makes me sad that not many people has approached us… In any case, if you’re interested, please contact me on IRC or email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

XDCC: !sao204

SAOII Announcement — ep 4 update

I think Rekyu’s asleep. Anyway, he’s been afk the last two hours since airing (no TL no life), so I don’t know what’s going to happen to Swords Are Overpowered.

Stay tuned for a later v0 if it happens (looking unlikely now) and definitely for the usual release.

edit: he woke up soon afterwards, but regardless no v0 this week.

Sword Art Online II 03

[Hiryuu] Sword Art Online II - 03 [720p H264 AAC][F37A4F45]_001_24404Pic of best girl.

Here’s your weekly dose of trap Kirito. Is it me or is there so many trap shows airing this season?

Delays this week brought to you by almost everyone. If you want to blame someone, you can blame twinkle. On another note, karaoke has been polished up. Just want to say thank you to conkerer again for helping out with the opening. Hope you enjoy it!

We’re currently having some trouble with the server so seeding will be a bit slow. Please bear with it and help seed if you can.

Just a reminder that we are currently recruiting staff! For those who are interested, jump onto IRC or contact me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com.

XDCC: !sao203

SAOII Announcement — no 3v0

Well, I just had an IRL engagement come up, and Master Rekyu is not feeling in top form to translate and all, so we’re canceling the v0 release for Senseless Asuna Ogling. It’ll be back next week. Our apologies, but we hope to see you for the v1 release anyway.

Sword Art Online II 02

Sword.Art.Online.S02E02.720p.HDTV.x264-DFHD_001_2274Have some Sinon.

Sorry for taking so long. This is episode is late because our editor decided to be a riajuu and working on KFX took some time. I would also like to give a special thank you to conkerer for helping us make the OP karaoke possible! We wouldn’t have been able to make it without him. There are plans to improve on the English lines in the OP but those will have to wait for next week.

In any case, enjoy your Sinon Ass Overexposure.
Reminder to everyone that there will once again be no patch due to the new encode.

XDCC: !sao202

Sword Art Online II 2v0

Well, here’s the v0 for Sinon Ass Overexposure Episode 2. We wanted to be a little bit faster (there’s no way we’re repeating 1v0 speed though), but there were some capper issues.

Again, v1 will have a different encode and thus there will be no patch. It’ll also have typeset instead of \an8 signs, Jeffers edit, OP/ED, and QC. I’d recommend you wait for it, but I can’t really say when it’ll be. Probably not too long, considering there weren’t actually all that many signs, except that somebody’s gonna have to figure out and implement some KFX. Beats me, actually.

TOR (v0)
XDCC: !sao202v0

Sword Art Online II 01

And here is the “first” release of the season! Sorry this took so long. I don’t have any excuses to give.

To those who want a patch for the v0, there isn’t any. I repeat, there is no patch.
This release has a brand new encode, it’s properly timed, typeset, edited and with QC. It is what you would expect in our usual release.

On that note, the “ending” is a temporary thing until we see how the credits will be positioned in the next episode.

Just a reminder that we are currently recruiting staff. If you are interested and think you can meet up to our standards, hop onto IRC or contact me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com. You will be issued a test so be prepared to impress me!

XDCC: !sao201

No Game No Life 12


A certain cucumber requested me to use this as the release pic.

And with that, we’re finished with No Game No Life! It has been a good season and it was a lot of fun subbing this show; I’m sure the rest of the staff would agree with me on this. I hope this show gets a season 2 in the near future, I wouldn’t mind going for round 2!

XDCC: !ngnl12

Sword Art Online II 1v0


We’re dying here but threw together a little something for you as fast as we could. A better release (v1) will come later. Said v1 will include a new encode from a better source, typesetting, some actual editing, much better timing, real QC, etc. Same with NGNL 12, sorry—that’s coming in due time and is being worked on too.

Yes, it’s an original translation. Nope, none of us are used to speedsubbing.

edit: There will be no v1 patch, at least this time, because the v1 will be using a different encode from a different source, as stated above. i.e. a patch would be about as big as the actual release.

TOR (v0)
XDCC: !sao201v0

Summer Plans and Recruitment

[Hiryuu]_Highschool_of_the_Dead_OVA_[BD_1280x720_H264_AAC]_[AD11E1F7].mkv_snapshot_05.31_[2014.07.03_00.28.08]No, there’s no new Highschool of the Dead. However, it is summer!

Here are the Summer 2014 season plans I promised! We’ll be subbing Sword Art Online II. We’ll be changing up the release schedule and sequence, putting out relatively quick v0s followed by v1s for each episode. On that note, the translator and editor who worked on the first season over at EveTaku will be working on this with us.

But there’s another important announcement: We’re looking for new staff (preferably highly dedicated and talented, of course). In particular, we’d like to have another timer and another typesetter, but we could use more of everything. Applicants are expected to have experience and will be tested.

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