Kakegurui 05

Premux - Kakegurui 05 [B5044C97]_001_4028

Nothing aired this weekend so we’re now back on schedule.


Kakegurui 04v2

Premux - Kakegurui 04 [944A0C5E]_002_9251

I lied, ecks dee.

There was a problem when muxing, so we’re uploading a v2 to fix the issue.
Patch can be found here.


Kakegurui 03


Glad to see the most vocal leechers are still as dumb as always. Don’t worry, we’ll be dropping this show next episode anyways.

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Kakegurui 02

[Hiryuu] Kakegurui - 02 [Premux][EAA16035]_001_29325

Still no bot but it’ll come soon™.


Kakegurui 01v2

[Hiryuu] Kakegurui - 01 [Premux][99040866]_001_18240

Apparently this is a Hiryuu project? Half of the staff working on this isn’t part of the staff list but whatever!

I’ll probably add a bot back some time later. I might just grab my bot over at Cthuko and use that though. It won’t contain old releases but at least you’ll have something to use.

Apparently we screwed up and there were a few minor problems with the script. Here’s a v2.
Patch can be found here.


Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 12 (BD)

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar - 12 [BD 1080p] [2659D8D9]_001_22767

And we’re finally done! Episode 01 to 07 will get BD releases when I get around to it. I can’t imagine them needing too much work.


Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 11 (BD)


Almost done! Only one episode left.


Brave Witches 05


Joint with CTSS.

fgg literally stalled this for weeks. Next episode maybe within the next couple days.


Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 10 (BD)


Brave Witches apparently stuck in TLC limbo at the moment. If things don’t start moving in the next couple days, I’ll figure something out.


Brave Witches 04


Joint with CTSS.

fgg stinx. He stalled this because he had exams.