Madan no Ou to Vanadis 09

[Hiryuu] Madan no Ou to Vanadis - 09 [720p H264 AAC][1B4FBFF5]_001_15297

Sorry for the wait. Future episodes will likely be delayed because the translator working on the show has exams.

We’re no longer recruiting QCs. Thank you to everyone who applied and gave it their best.

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Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu 06-07

Tigre-kun and Vanadi-chu - 07 [Premux][749B0239]_001_3664

Episode 06 will only be available in 480p. Unfortunately, this is because Media Factory only uploaded it in 480p.

On an unrelated note, it seems we always release these episodes in pairs… Not sure how this always happens.

As twinkle stated in the previous release post, we are still looking for staff. If you’re interested, please read the post for further information.

XDCC: !tigre06

XDCC: !tigre07

Madan no Ou to Vanadis 08

B-Bishie sparkles? Ahem. You may have noticed the site was down for a bit. The release was actually just a little while ago during the downtime, but here’s the actual post now. Enjoy.

Some details about SAO:

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our TLC is juggling school, studying for the JLPT in a couple weeks, part-time work, and the rest of life, and I don’t think our main editor is much less busy. Expect slow going for the next couple of weeks, sorry. I’ve been taking over most of the editing lately on that, and even I haven’t started 19 yet, what with everything else to do.

Announcement time: We’re looking for a new QC (Quality Checker). Also other positions, as usual.
One of the guys we had on this show (Vanadis) is no longer available, and what with me doing most of the editing on SAO now and me likely being increasingly busy in the following seasons, we could use new help. See the recruitment page for details. Applicants will be tested. This episode was probably delayed a day because I wasn’t available, for example.

XDCC: !madan08

Madan no Ou to Vanadis 07

madan 7 premux_001_13608

Sorry we’re late. I was busy dealing with real life and will be working for two weeks so everything got pushed back “a bit.”

SAO will come eventually… The editor hasn’t been seen around recently and I’m sure he’s busy with real life as well.

XDCC: !madan07

Madan no Ou to Vanadis 06

madan 6 premux_001_12085

Later than usual this week because a couple of us had exams and that threw our schedules into chaos.

And with that, we’ve caught up. Now to catch up on SAO. twinkle edit: SAO Wednesday at the earliest, quite possibly later. Sorry.

XDCC: !madan06

Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu 04-05

Tigre-kun and Vanadi-chu - 05 [Premux][A28A95B8]_001_3959

Main series soon™

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XDCC: !tigre05

Madan no Ou to Vanadis 05

I’m trying beary hard to suppress the bear puns, believe me.

So yeah. See below post from not too long ago regarding upcoming releases. They’re coming soonish, we hope. I really hope I didn’t screw up this release or the one just before, what with this logjam of backlog to wade through. Thanks for bearing with us.

XDCC: !madan05

Sword Art Online II 17

Here, have some Shocking Anger Outpouring.

Now for a quick status update on stuff: Vanadis 05 is at… actually, I thought it’d be out by now. It’s almost done. If I can’t contact our last guy for final check, I think I might do it myself and call it a day. Vanadis 06 is kind of far along and waiting at me. SAO II 18 is also kind of stuck at me. There are also some other obligations I have that I better not delay, so hopefully I don’t push back both shows much. edit: Knew I forgot something… Two more Vanadi-chu shorts are translated and awaiting editing.

Oh yeah, some explanation about the name of something in this ep (taken from ep 16 post comments):

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We debated what to do here and I changed my mind twice about this stuff. Episode 15 should use Excaliber, not Excalibur. It’s already been changed for batch. You’ll see what happens in episode 17. In 17 there’s a point made how Excalibur is the proper spelling but in-game it’s actually Excaliber here. We were thinking that it would be proper for characters to use Excalibur until the reveal in episode 17 because characters don’t know the “wrong” spelling is correct here. However, episode 17 has a quick flashback to ep 15 where huge-lady asks them to draw Excaliber. I thought it’d be awkward and confusing to have both Excalibur and Excaliber used in the script before the reveal (and furthermore for her to use the wrong spelling when she’s an NPC and obviously knows about it), so it’s just going to all be Excaliber until someone brings it up.

XDCC: !sao217

Sword Art Online II 16

Slowly catching up. Hopefully we can make a double release soon and get both 17 and 18 out at our “usual” release time.

On another note, Madan no Ou to Vanadis will hopefully be back on schedule this weekend. corocoro is back so we’ll hopefully be picking up the pace.

Well, another episode, another Silly Argument Observed.

By the way, XDCC and torrents were both briefly down over this past week but should be working properly now. If something is amiss, try to contact me on IRC (or here, but this way is usually slower), and I’ll see what needs addressing.

XDCC: !sao216

Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu 02-03

[Hiryuu] Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu - 03 [720p H264 AAC][E005AE87]_001_1201

Here are your web shorts. Main series will come later.

XDCC: !tigre02

XDCC: !tigre03