Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 01

[Cthuyuu] Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai - 01 [Premux]_001_13928

Joint with Cthuko.

No translation for the ED yet. We couldn’t figure it out. Unless lyrics pop up out of nowhere, you can assume that there won’t be any karaoke until the official lyrics come out.

Reminder that we’re still hiring translators! Email me at hyaku@hiryuufansubs.com or bug me on IRC.

XDCC: !shoutai01


45 comments to Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 01

  • Firemage

    You guys considering Lil-sis Testament?

    Also thanks for the release


    • Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen. We don’t have many available staff and they aren’t exactly keen on it.

      • geassgx

        Awww…sucks to hear that. Always prefer to stick with one group for an entire series but the situation is what it is. At least, I got this show from you guys and there will be a group subbing Burst

        • Not one worth watching, though, at least according to what’s currently listed on FansubDB…

          • geassgx

            Chihiro hinted that they were going to be subbing Burst but until there is a actual release or a post from a staff, I guess it is still up in the air. Not too sure about Hatsuyuki as I don’t follow the group. Also, I am not sure where you stand with Chihiro, whether you like them or hate them.

      • Firemage

        K thanks for this release then. I’ll have to find the other one elsewhere.

  • harlov

    Thanks! 😀

  • man00ver

    Well, this looks interesting. Thanks!

  • Shimoseka

    PLease finish Shimoseka

  • Zerq

    Thank you! ^_^

  • Angry Viewer

    Let’s make a bet !
    How long will it take until this got delayed at TL or QC ?
    I would say about 4 episodes.

    Oh really, why did you start subbing another anime when you don’t have enough people to finish the one you’ve already started ?

    Shimonta finished 3 weeks ago, and here episode 10(which aired 5 weeks ago !) is still at translation !

    So you do have a enough people including a translator with enoigh time on their hands to start a new project, but not enough to finish your ongoing things ?

    Ok, keep your time. Your subs suck anyway, personally I find the “official” subs in the HorribleSubs release way better.
    The only reason I watch your release is it claims to be “uncensored”.

    So lets hope we all got a nice litte christmas present from you and you will finish the last 3 episiodes till December 24 (this year).

    • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re ignorant of the fansubbing process. This is a joint. None of the core staff that worked on shimoseka is working on this show (except me). Most of the script is being handled by Cthuko’s staff.

      If you like official releases so much, I think you should stick to them. Even if you use the fact that our release is uncensored as a reason, you have other alternatives which allows you to watch the show uncensored with official subtitles. To be honest, the fact that you even consider Funimation’s mess is better than our release makes me laugh. You’re free to think what you want but don’t come crying when everyone else says that Funimation sucks and no one told you.

      • Stop fucking slacking

        Do you honestly think joining up with another group to sub a new show without finishing shimoseka is perfectly fine?
        You must be genuinely retarded because I refuse to believe someone who doesn’t suffer from fetal alcohol or daddy fucked me syndrome would think that’s a cool thing to do.
        To make matters worse you guys haven’t even apologised for the delay and seem to think you’re not doing anything wrong because “Hey BRO if you want your vietnamese claymation subbed then why don’t you do it yourself! I have a life! It’s not my fault that I chose to do something half-assed , it’s your fault for not watching the shitty official subbed version instead!”
        Can’t wait to see you try and dig your way out of this one. I’d suggest using a shovel instead of your mum’s buck teeth because unlike your grandad’s grave in your backyard , it’s not a shallow one.

        • Do you think sitting here twiddling my thumbs while waiting for others to do their part is productive? I think you’re a bit lacking in the logic department.

          Hey, if you’re gonna pull that card out then here’s my reply: We’re doing a much better job than you could ever possibly do. I’m sure you wouldn’t even be able to make it past the third episode. Why don’t you come and show us how it’s done? Surely you’re not going to half-ass it.

  • Angry Viewer

    You’re teaming up with the slowpokes from Cthuko ?

    So 2 Birds of a feather flock together

    I’m still waiting for Cthuko’s release of the 3 part OVA “Yozakura Quartet – Tsuki ni Naku” !
    It was released from 08.20.2013 till 11.07.2014 and almost one year after the release of the last episode the Status on Cthuko’s Website is that Episode 1 is at “TL” and 2 & 3 are at “EDIT”.

    Instead of finish the work that they have been already started they now start to work on 2 new Anime:
    They do “One Punch Man” alone
    “Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai” with your help

    • It actually says TS (typesetting) which was done a while ago. I was just too lazy to update. TnN OVAs are actually almost done. Everything else has been done; OVA 2 and 3 still needs editing but the editor has been busy and hasn’t popped onto IRC in a while. He clearly isn’t involved with our newly picked up projects so your point is somewhat irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you still releasing more shit when you haven’t finished Shimoneta? Do you not understand that you have the ONLY watchable subs for Shimoneta?

    • moozooh

      The sense of entitlement is strong in this one.

      • Morgan Freeman's Voice

        He’s right, you know — the other Shimoneta subs are downright dreadful.

        • moozooh

          I’m aware. It doesn’t help that most of the vocal audience seems to be comprised of impatient entitled ingrates who clog up the comments to other releases with their stupid complaints and advice on how the fansub group should(n’t) spend their free time. That doesn’t tend to motivate much if at all.

  • sinner08910

    I love how I got here in this fansub group again due to this release. I ignored this groups’ releases because of how its videos are poorly reencoded, but now that I got the time to finally visit this website of yours, I can’t stop being impressed by the answers I can found in your FAQ. Awesome group! Too bad, I will still probably ignore your releases, but not this time! Cthuko got your back anyways.

  • rhino

    Shimoseka when though? Crack the whip a little pls

  • anon

    thanks but not really, we want shimoneta…

  • ilducesaint

    what is the status of shimoseka??

  • Tekeli-lY

    WoW!! All this…! . . . .

    Well, thanks for a new series anyways… 😛 Though that release pic above wasn’t enough to shut most, if not all, these haters/naggers/ranters up… (―▽―)ヾ(・・〃)タイヘンダネェ・・・

  • That Guy


  • LameDruid

    Shouting about a show in comments not for that show won’t get it released any faster. Hasn’t anyone learned that by now?

  • Hito

    just calm down, itll be released when its released, unless its given the SYD treatment that is.., but i’ve only seen that happen from one group that ive picked up a show by that had decent subs

    • It was nearly two months ago, whilst episode 6 and seven were delayed, that i first started to get SYD flashbacks. Now being passed the end of the season and still backlogged, I’m really getting that impression.
      I know it’s probably unfair but it’s following the same pattern. “Once bitten…” and all that.

      The other thing that is really unfortunate is that this is the first and only show I’ve used Hiryuu for so far. Being that they were the only group doing their own translation rather than lifting Funimation’s. (And that theirs was rather better than the official subs)
      Sadly, though, this isn’t exactly the best first impression of a group.

      For now, Funi’s subs were good enough to complete watching it. But I’ll be doing a full rewatch with Hiryuu’s version if and when it gets completed.

  • skylion

    I have a question about the second episode; if you don’t feel like/want to answer that’s fine. But, “hallmark magic” from the “official” subs. I’m taking hallmark to mean, “having a stamp of approval”…IOW, this is officially sanctioned academy magic, and not the evil witch stuff. So,the question is: what are they saying in the original Japanese, and is the official translation legit? Thanks for you’re time…

  • bastionkid

    So Zenrii still busy or lost in translation?? Is there any progress on remaining eps of shimoseka??

    • She’s still busy but I’ve been bugging her every day so there is some progress.

      • bastionkid

        That is great to hear. Hope Zenrii gets some free time so that you guys finish the series and make everyone silent. 🙂

      • BeerWench

        I’m enjoying the thought of some over entitled weeaboo raging at lack of subs for his waifu. Those tear fueled raging fart comments make are hilarious to read. As for me, I’ve decided to put this show off til BD then just watch it in one go on some free day. Thanks for all the releases and by all means take your time and work on shows in such way that YOU enjoy it first!

        • BeerWench

          Oops, by “this show” I was thinking Shimoseka, no idea what THIS release post show is about and really no time to give it a try ATM. If you care to know, I am DDLing your releases just out of OCD, but when if ever I’ll give Taimadou a try, no one knows^^

      • LameDruid

        I think the only thing that still needs to be asked, everything else at this point’s a dead horse: are all 3 episodes being done at once or will they come out one at a time as they did?