Dog Days” 12

Popping back in to release again. Looks like season 3 is a wrap. Hope you enjoyed it!

I don’t think the status of anything else (potentially upcoming or backlog) has changed. (edit: or has it?) You may consider contacting your local representatives to file complaints through the sanctioned channels.

P.S. If you can name all the characters in the above image without cheating, I will be impressed.

Hyaku Edit: Reminder that we really need a translator! Please contact me on IRC or email me at 

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Dog Days” 11

Gaul is so cool!

Looks like I haven’t released Dog Days in a while. There’s only one episode left. I don’t want this to end yet!

Okay, onto some more serious business. We’re need of a translator. We need someone who’ll be willing to work on ecchi shows. I want to pick up DxD BorN next season but I haven’t been able to get in contact with our translator. For those who are interested, please contact me on IRC or email me at

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Dog Days” 10

Am I seeing double? Anyway, popping in to release. Popping back out. Bye. Bug your neighborhood friendly HyakuPercent for details about anything.

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Dog Days” 09

More doggie adventures, with FIRE. Magics fire with circle patterns because magic.

As always, if the status of anything else changes, you will probably know about it in due time.

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Dog Days” 08


Why do all the eyecatches look so damn good? Also, get them feels ready.

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Dog Days” 07


We need more Yuki. I was going to release last week’s episode with the eyecatch as the release image but I was asleep when twinkle released…

Shinmai will take a bit longer because puddi is out of town.

XDCC: !dd307

Dog Days” 06


Leo’s confused because she thought Madan no Ou to Vanadis was last season. By the way, I’ve been out and have no idea what the status of anything else is, so don’t ask me. Anyway, enjoy your doggies.

XDCC: !dd306

Dog Days” 05


I think I’ve pretty much tweeted everything that I wanted to say about this episode yesterday… so I’ll just leave you guys with the torrent and XDCC trigger.

XDCC: !dd305

Dog Days” 04


Shinmai and Death Parade eventually, probably. My sources tell me of some impending national spectacle in the land of the free, which may further delay subbing enterprises. And here I thought Hyaku coming back could save us from all and any such obstacles. What a letdown.

XDCC: !dd304

Dog Days” 03


Death Parade this year, probably. Actually, hopefully in a day but I’m not quite sure.

XDCC: !dd303