Freezing Vibration 12


And that’s that, so to speak. Careful on the man-tears.

You may note the last line of the karaoke is missing. It will be fixed for the batch, but I didn’t want to hold this back for one single line most viewers aren’t even going to pay attention to. I do hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

I was really happy we got to do this show after our abysmal failures on DxD and Hyakka. Thanks to all those involved.

Thus far, for next season Witch Craft Works looks most likely, but nothing has been set in stone as yet.

Recruitment-wise, another TL and editor would be good, but we most definitely need a TS. Email me firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com for the appropriate tests. Tell me your timezone and any experience you have too please.

XDCC: !frzv12

Freezing Vibration 11


The end draws close.

XDCC: !frzv11

Freezing Vibration 10


Saturday release… just!

My lack of attention to the staff channel and the timer’s net exploding is what nearly caused this to be a Sunday/Monday release.

XDCC: !frzv10

Freezing Vibration 09


Kazuya has never looked so fabulous!

XDCC: !frzv09

Freezing Vibration 08


Shower scenes return.

XDCC: !frzv08

Freezing Vibration 07

Frzv 04

Ah, back to a Saturday!

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Freezing Vibration 06


A day late again, WsE really is a cocknose!

I really, really disliked this episode. Louis is a pile of shit.

XDCC: !frzv06

Freezing Vibration 05


A day late because of exams. We’re blaming WsE even though it’s nothing to do with him.

XDCC: !frzv05

Freezing Vibration 04

Freezing 04

A day later than forecast due to the cap being late.

Still actively seeking a TS, and backups for most other positions. See this post.

XDCC: !frzv04

Freezing Vibration 03

FrzV 03

♩ E-Pandoras, scientific explorers, living in the Alaskan borders. ♫ Let’s watch their chest, as they do their best. ♩
&#9833 E-Pandoras they’re such wonders. ♫ Nova beware, the heroes are almost there! ♩

I have no clue. I was just… yeah…

XDCC: !frzv03

I have no idea what’s happening with Dollies, I think it’s at the cucumber…