HenNeko 12


Joint with animal and plant friends at EveTaku.

After twelve weeks of letting cats out of bags, it’s over! So it ends: yet another anime adaptation of a light novel with a kinda longish name that involves high schoolers, specifically a male main character in his second year and an otherwise predominantly female cast. And something about a cat god.

Special thanks to cykia and fara_ujde for being sweet berries and doing the extra work for the full ED this week. And a panda for translating on an airplane while on vacation. Seems legit. Thanks to everybody we’ve had from both groups… and all of you for watching!

Many apologies for the lack of release consistency throughout. Hope you enjoyed your funny cats!

Fibi Edit: A special thanks to Twinkle for taking over after about ep05 and managing the project, and somehow managing to get staff to work on it despite the initial delays. Good job, you have my gratitude.

XDCC: !hentai12

HenNeko 11


Joint with some punctual folks at EveTaku. Aren’t they nice?

Wow, this episode. We had some fun tormenting a cucumber voicing some of the characters. I won’t spoil which ones. Thanks to convexity for being guest QC this week (plus free extra TLC I guess). We’re on a roll.

Anyway, see you next week for the finale. Stay tuned to see the epic, gripping conclusion! Or whatever they give us.

XDCC: !hentai11

HenNeko 10


Joint with an assortment of peeps at EveTaku.

A new week, a new delayer. And someone new doing backup backup backup backup QC (thanks, cykia). So goes the circle of life cats.

By the way, we have good progress on 11, for whatever that’s worth. I’ve been busy working on 11 instead of writing a longer release post for 10, so yeah. See you soon, I hope.

XDCC: !hentai10

HenNeko 09


Joint with some cool cats at EveTaku.

Damn, what happened to our MVP? Practically no contribution (in delaying things) this time. The story goes like this: first, the panda escaped from the zoo. Then, we were waiting on a phoenix to rise from the ashes. When it finally did, a cucumber had already begun to pickle. After eating the half-pickled pickle, we had to wait a day for the stars to align, but by that time it was raining. We saw only ghosts in the village. Ah, too late! The moment was lost forever to Father Time.

TL note: I’m partially responsible for this delay. Sorry. Also, thanks to auri for filling in on QC this week. Actually, this is someone new you can blame for all of your problems (yeah, even the ones not related to the release, e.g. why toast always falls jam/butter side down)!

Anyway, does anybody else notice something different about Azuki Azusa in the next ep preview? If you can correctly guess what I’m talking about, then you get… an Internet cookie? Dunno.

XDCC: !hentai09

HenNeko 08


Joint with some frenemies at EveTaku.

Remember how last week’s delay was truly a team effort? Well, we got another good one this time, but this release marks the further development and triumphant resurgence of our MVP: the zombie potato pudding panda! Urk. I think he’s the cucumber’s natural enemy (warning: it’s recommended to turn down the volume before clicking anything in this sentence), so that makes sense. Annoying Rekyu is his M.O. So is calling me “rood”, but I probably deserve that one.

Anyhow, sorry for the delay… again. The good news is that we have good progress on the next release already. If the stars align, it’ll even release before Ep 10 airs.

Thanks to corocoro for stepping in last week and Calyrica this week on QC. And HyakuPercent for timing the last few times. And all hail master WsE, who doesn’t delay anything.

XDCC: !hentai08

HenNeko 07


Joint with some frenemies at EveTaku.

To those who haven’t yet passed away from moe overload, many apologies for the huge delays. All kinds of the worst things happened. You know it’s past time when the comments have closed on the latest release post. Between EveTaku and Hiryuu staff, we managed to stall progress at multiple people various animals and a vegetable (but no minerals) this time: truly a combined effort. Or rather, there was a fruit that was masquerading as a vegetable, the tricky little cucumber.

As for next release, hopefully that will come earlier in the cycle.

In other news my sources tell me that some song lyrics, or at least a key phrase, slipped into the main translation text. Seems legit. Bonus points to whoever finds it.

Hint: lyrics associated with Rick Astley. Ep 08 could be be over the weekend. If everything lines up, it could be early in the weekend; if things don’t, then bets are off.

XDCC: !hentai07

HenNeko 06


Joint with EveTaku.

TL was even later than expected so Hyaku bailed us out on timing to try and speed the release up.

The switcheroo is still in effect this week, so you know who to blame when things go south. Like birds and all. I’m also led to believe that some shipping patterns may include the southward transit of cucumbers and pandas too.

XDCC: !hentai06

HenNeko 05

HenNeko 05

Joint with EveTaku.

TL was in some new card game tournament or sth. Hence this week’s delay.

I’m pretty sure we can’t call it a delay anymore, though. Given nearly every ep has suffered it… next week TL has work commitments, so that’ll be a Monday one too. Just expect ours Mondays from now on I guess.

A switcheroo on this ep for me and Twinkle to prevent it delaying into tomorrow. Seems to have worked out okay… but I’m sure you’ll let us know if not.

XDCC: !hentai05

HenNeko 04


Joint with EveTaku.

This show is so moe I’ll die before it’s over.

In other irrelevant and boring news, still no cap for Hyakka.

XDCC: !hentai04

HenNeko 03


Joint with EveTaku.

This week’s delay had nothing to do with Cucumber! In fact, it was his mortal enemy, Panda. When it leads into Monday, that screws us who work over and timezones only make stuff worse.

Anyhow, Panda has been banned from gaming on Saturdays in the future!

Twinkle mentioned one of the signs appearing odd for him, but I was unable to recreate it… so I’m hoping it’s just him!

XDCC: !hentai03

Still no damned cap on Hyakka 03 or 04. I think we may have got 05 sorted cap-wise, so we might just have to suck it with 03 & 04 and re-release them when and if we do get a cap. If you’re waiting on us at this stage, I doubt you’re in a rush, so I’ll give it a couple more days to appear before we do anything crazy!