HMux 1.1.5

Didn’t realize just how long ago it was since I updated, half this stuff’s been done for quite some time.


Error Prevention
If no audio detected when premux option is used, will no longer crash, but instead show a message box with the option to stop or continue.
If fonts are not found, you have the chance to stop the mux before it starts.

Clear button added that clears all text fields. (i.e from Output to Fonts).
Bracket Checker:

  • Bracket checker now also warns of any double spaces.
  • Bracket checker should now correctly list the line number as it appears in Aegisub – providing you don’t add anything manually after [Events] in notepad.
  • Larger files may cause some lag.
  • Bracket checker no longer checks automatically by default. New button will check subs when pressed.
  • You can re-enable auto check in the options. Auto check will attempt to check any file you put in the Subs1 or Subs2 fields.

The open dir button will also highlight the end result.
Putting a qpfile into the chapter field will create chapters.

  • Using the qpfile raw with no intervention will mean you get X number of unnamed chapters.

  • Define chapter names by adding #ChapterName to the end of the relevant line, or edit in notepad after encode. eg 31526 I -1 #Ending
  • If there’s a line in the qpfile you want to skip, either delete it or add #@SKIP to the end of the line.

Minor updates to the font checker, chapter parser and auto-naming feature.
When looking through an ass file, any lines with drawings (\p1, \p2 or \p4) are skipped.

Bracket checker only worked when using second set of subs.
If the same instance of HMux is used on several different muxes, it will no longer remember any errors or missing fonts from previous muxes.
HMux should no longer show as none-responsive when dealing with large ASS files.
Faster CPUs will now wait for the naming process to fully finish before trying to speed past on smaller muxes.
Aegisub addon is far better now, thanks to innocenat for tweaking the lua script.

HMux 1.1.4


Major bug fix:
Screwed over a new function in 1.1.3, making the naming function entirely borked. Now fixed.

Minor bug fix:
Chapter checker was borked too.

HMux 1.1.3

HMux 1.1.3 is up.

Bug Fixes: »

Spaces now allowed in video and audio track names.
Windows ‘@’ fonts should now work correctly.
Using the auto name feature when vid/aud aren’t premuxed no longer causes a crash.

Additions: »

Header compression removal now enabled by default.
Open bracket checker. If your script contains an open bracket, popup pre-warns you before a mux. Line number shown is relevant to opening the ass file in notepad, not aegisub. Will rectify in future version.

Updates: »

Aegisub addon fiddled with. Still buggy and experimental.
Second group name option. Combo box on default window allows you to select between them both, or type in a new one for one-off use.
Better crash prevention if…
– ;title; missing from name & auto-naming used.
– no chapters in ass file when parse chapters used.

New Plans: »

Allow for premuxed chapters.
A button to restore the default settings.
Checkbox against trackers on tracker button.
Make header compression optionable.
Convert qpfiles into chapters.
Have open bracket checker report aegisub line number, not text file line number.

HMux 1.1.2

Some minor bug fixes.
Minor cosmetic adjustments to make room for the new create torrent feature.
Esc now closes a window.
Closing the results or options window will now set focus to the original window.
Aegisub addon updated, script name should now port to HMux too. However it’s largely untested, and is only likely to work on more recent trunk builds of Aegisub.

New Feature:
Create torrent.
After the mux, a torrent will automatically be created. You can also set said torrent to go to a default location (as opposed to the location of the muxed result) should you want them all in one place.
Enter each announce url on a new line of the tracker/default tracker text box.
Uses mktorrent.
Thanks to Karefag for helping with this. images not updated yet.


Bread is awaiting TLC on a couple lines, but they all seem to have vanished!

HMux 1.1.1

No new features, two major bug fixes and a mediainfo update. Likely some minor code changes I didn’t track too.



HMux 1.1.0

v1.1.0 released.

Unless anyone finds any major bugs, next release is likely to be a little while longer.

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HMux 1.0.9

HMux 1.0.9
This time, it gets its own release post!


The UI has changed and auto-naming and font collector features have been added since 1.0.7, as well as some minor bug fixes.
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