Winter 2015

Dog Days'' - CM2000311

As we enter the new season, there are some things that come and go. With many shows airing next season, we have decided to pick up two shows. While there are other shows which we would like to pick up, we simply cannot because we do not have enough staff or interest.

This season, we will be seeing a return of Dog Days! This show has always been one of our favorite shows. While I was not a part of this group when the first two seasons aired, it was apparently one of our favorite shows to sub. On behalf of the staff, I am proud to say that we will be picking up the third season.

The next and final show we will be picking up is Death Parade! While this show is not something we would usually pick up, you can be certain that we will try to give you the best possible experience. I don’t know what the show is about but I hear that it’s going to be good and there’s a lot of hype. Feel free to check it out!

With the announcements done, happy new year! We hope you’ll stick around with us and we wish you all a good year.

Summer Plans and Recruitment

[Hiryuu]_Highschool_of_the_Dead_OVA_[BD_1280x720_H264_AAC]_[AD11E1F7].mkv_snapshot_05.31_[2014.07.03_00.28.08]No, there’s no new Highschool of the Dead. However, it is summer!

Here are the Summer 2014 season plans I promised! We’ll be subbing Sword Art Online II. We’ll be changing up the release schedule and sequence, putting out relatively quick v0s followed by v1s for each episode. On that note, the translator and editor who worked on the first season over at EveTaku will be working on this with us.

But there’s another important announcement: We’re looking for new staff (preferably highly dedicated and talented, of course). In particular, we’d like to have another timer and another typesetter, but we could use more of everything. Applicants are expected to have experience and will be tested.

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Do you want to join an ever-expanding group of super awesome people and forever go down in the annals of history as the best there ever was? If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you should probably stop reading now.

However, if you’d like to be treated only slightly better than a prinny, work hard, get paid nothing and have some sniveling overlord-type fellow order you about like he knows what he’s doing when really he doesn’t. Well, that we can help with.

We’ve put a few feelers out already, but so far have either refused applicants or people just haven’t returned tests – usually I get at least ¾ back. I don’t know if it’s a bad time for recruitment, if it’s just because people thought we were dead given we did nothing last season, or because it’s different positions we are recruiting but I was expecting a few more applicants. So, let’s give a proper post a shot before I wander off to those dirty forums!
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Join Us

I’m the one in orange. What color will you be?

Always looking for these. You will be tested unless you come highly recommended (bank on doing a test). Nobody has passed Xity’s test as yet.
For the Spring 2013 season, you’ll mostly act as backup on weekly shows, but there may be some OVAs/movies we’d be interested in doing with you too.

We don’t tend to have much luck with editors, I don’t mind if you’re an English Language/Literature student, live in the US, are from London or breathe underwater. I’ve found qualifications mean very little once you’ve got your foot into the business world and I’ve pretty much transferred this to the fansubbing world too. I would prefer an editor experienced in fansubbing if possible. You will be tested. A working knowledge of Aegisub is useful.
You’ll most likely act as backup for weeklies during Spring 2013, but may be throw a couple OVAs/movies.
We use US English.

I don’t recall actively recruiting a timer before. But our secondary timer just dropped out of next season due to personal issues. This means we’re a timer down for one of our shows. I don’t have a test ready for a timer right now, but I’ll make one soon(ish)… GuP OVA3 might be a good test…

Read carefully.
less important as I do have contingencies for this already. But Iwould be interested in one more QC. You’re first assignment would liekly be one of the shows this series Being able open and vue subs in Aegisub, as well as knowing how to mux is important. You will b tested no a dummy script, a QC with a few seasons experience in a reputable group would be favourable. If you’re emaling me regarding QC. include all the errors you got in this paragraph. Please refrain from highlighting errors out if leaving a comment above.

Contact firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com for all the above.

Project Update


To answer various comments… and plug other projects too.

TL Recruitment:
Nobody has passed the TL test as yet.
Fancy a crack at it? Let me know on IRC “_Firebird_” or leave me a message on my AFK nick “_Burntout_”.

Next Season:
Senran Kagura.
No second show unless a new, reliable TL comes forth.

07 is half done.
08 is partially done.
09+ have yet to be touched.

Sankarea 13:
Working on.

Freezing batch:
Up to ep05 done in both HiP and Hi10P. Haven’t touched since end of November. Don’t expect soon.

Not touched for a while, don’t expect soon.

Of the two projects I’m personally delaying, Freezing will be prioritized over TnQ.

DD & DD’:
Had trouble sourcing DD’ BDMVs. Managed to get some now thanks to some super awesome guy.
No priority on this, don’t expect it soon. DD batch won’t come until DD’ batch is ready… like some sort of super batch.

Firegoon v2:
Shameless plug.
v2 went live on the 1st.

HMux v1.1.5:
Mostly done.

Hope that clarifies matters for the time being.

Also, we hit 5million TOR downloads according to Nyaa. However, ver was unable to get us a celebratory image together, and my photoshop skills didn’t do all the bikini-clad anime chicks justice. Either way, my continued thanks to both the staff and leechers for sticking with us and supporting us… especially when we delay stuff like OniAi to this extent.

A couple requests…

We’re planning on doing the second Sankarea OVA with our buddies at Evetaku, but we don’t know when a raw will show up on Share. If any of you have ordered the manga that comes with the OVA and are willing to rip it for us, please post a comment here or contact lyger or _Firebird_ on We’d greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait for the folks in Japan to upload a raw.

Also we need some more translators. Message _Firebird_ (_Burntout_ is AFK nick) if interested & able, email me firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com or annoy me in #hiryuurecruits.

Most of this post may, or may not have been stolen from EveTaku.


Yup, we’re doing this.

However, AT-X is censored and bad quality. So we’ll likely wait on the MX broadcast which should be higher quality.

It could be MX censors even more than AT-X… but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Two Year Anniversary

The 1st of October marks two years brimming with (mostly) fun, and because I’m proud of this group I like to mark the occasion.

We’ve had a great run, I’ve enjoyed working with the many staff we’ve had, and in general I’ve enjoyed working on our shows, as I hope our staff have.

Once again, ver has created us a celebratory image to commemorate the occasion, click the image above for the full version, or check out funstuff.

I hope we continue on with our success and see plenty more boobs shows in the future. Thanks to everyone, staff, leechers and even those precious trolls for sticking with Hiryuu through the bad (Brave10) the ugly (RKB). but also the awesome (boobs), and I hope you’ll stick with us a little longer. Shows aside, I’ve always liked to do that little extra where we can. The DxD and Freezing games being among them, or even my lazy mux for the forgetful and the… lazy and I hope we can find something similar to do this season too.

This season we’re looking at two shows.
Girls und Panzer and Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!
But we’ve a few details to work out beforehand. We want to ensure CR don’t announce true-simulcasts and check based on the first episode whether or not we actually want to work on either show. The second has a hot red head with bouncy boobs though, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t.

Two years is a great milestone, let’s make it to three!

Two Million Torrent Downloads

Although the stats on Nyaa aren’t quite as accurate as they were, they do report us over 2,000,000 downloaded torrents.

Another milestone, another celebratory image! Thanks Ver! Click image to view wallpaper size, or click here to view with our Majikoi logo instead. You can also find this, and other funstuff on the funstuff page.

Again, a big thank to all our staff, and all those we’ve worked with in joints for keeping Hiryuu alive and kicking. And thanks to the leechers for enjoying our work. We enjoy subbing, hence we do it, but I’d be lying if I said milestones like this didn’t fill me with a sense of pride of what our humble boob-loving staff + WsE have achieved. See you at five million!

We may possibly have another show for you this season, working out the minor details, watch this space.

Direct Downloads

Random hot chick is random, and has no connection to the post. She’s just hot.

Megaupload is no more, to be honest, it wasn’t great for us anyhow. Upload speeds were bad, and the filemanager was poor. That said, from the downloading point of view it was fantastic, never had any issues with it and loved it.

Now that Megaupload is down, several other filehosts have decided to change their way of doing things, including Fileserve, as a result we’ll need new hosts.
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