No Game No Life 12


A certain cucumber requested me to use this as the release pic.

And with that, we’re finished with No Game No Life! It has been a good season and it was a lot of fun subbing this show; I’m sure the rest of the staff would agree with me on this. I hope this show gets a season 2 in the near future, I wouldn’t mind going for round 2!

XDCC: !ngnl12

Love or Loved 2 – 11

[Eveyuu] No Game No Life - 11 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264][AB3AAE67]_001_1178
As of today, we are dropping No Game No Life and subbing Love or Loved 2! I hope you enjoy this release.

I’m just kidding. We will continue with this project as we have throughout the season. I would also like to announce that this show will get a proper batch and we will be working on the blu-rays.

While I’m here, I would like to apologize for the site being down. There’s nothing much we could do about it without fibi, who has retired. This is probably the first time we’ve announced this but that’s pretty much the reason for our inactivity over the past few seasons.

In other news, next season plans will be coming soon.

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No Game No Life 10

[Eveyuu] No Game No Life - 10 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264][10B23BD8]_001_7684Episode 11 will come some time soon™. I also have a bit of a backlog to go through since finishing my exams.

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No Game No Life 09

Shiro likes motorboats.

Sorry the image looked crap. I need to up my photoshop skills… Next week is expected to be slow because I’m in the middle of my exam period (just had my first exam today, actually).

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No Game No Life 07-08

[Eveyuu] No Game No Life - 07 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264][6444FD3E]_001_7851

Joint with EveTaku.

Sorry about the delays. We were preparing to wager war against the Werebeasts.
On the bright side, you get a double release. One reason why it took so long to release was because a couple of signs required quite a bit of effort to typeset and I had to fiddle with the ending’s KFX to accommodate to the changes.

XDCC: !ngnl07

XDCC: !ngnl08

NNGNL until the weekend


Our TL was busy puking his knee out, so this week’s episode is running late.
We’re very sorry about the delay, but episode 07 won’t get released before the weekend. 🙁
We’ll try our best to be really fast (relatively speaking) with episode eight, though. 😉

No Game No Life 06

[Eveyuu] No Game No Life - 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264][3BD0F1C7]_001_18605
Don’t worry, this episode is completely SFW!

This completely safe for work episode is brought to you by us and our bros over at EveTaku.

Timer-kun is missing this week so I filled in for him.  Busy with assessments and stuff so I’ll keep this post short. Enjoy!

Here’s some additional information which was copy and pasted from the EveTaku release post.

Just gonna explain the whole “certain celebrity” and “Lou Oshi-moth” business here…

So there’s this Japanese comedian called Lou Oshiba who likes to speak in what he called “choiglish,” which is basically what you hear Jibril speaking.
Nonstandard English—as opposed to commonly used loan words—randomly inserted into Japanese sentences. Yep.
The moth thing was named after the guy, with the “ba” changed to the “ga” for “moth”.
The “Let’s do together.” line is a catchphrase of his.

XDCC: !ngnl06

No Game No Life 05

[Eveyuu] No Game No Life - 05 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264][1328E9D7]_001_7282

Joint with EveTaku.

Nothing much to be said. Shiro is cute and Steph was also pretty cute this episode (not like she usually isn’t). Shame this episode wasn’t as “fun” as I had hoped it to be. Great episode though.

XDCC: !ngnl05

No Game No Life 04


Joint with EveTaku.

Sorry about the delays. Everyone has been a bit busy. I was running all over the place because of real life commitments.

On another note, Shiro is so cute! I want an imouto like her… My one is no where as cute as she is. Maybe I should rant about how cute she is in future release posts.

XDCC: !ngnl04

No Game No Life 03

[Eveyuu] No Game No Life - 03 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264][CA94E0B6]_001_24468

Joint with EveTaku.

This is a v0 release. The video was a Chinese raw and was subbed in Chinese; it was a leaked pre-airing from some Chinese source. This release will only have a timed script with translations. Everything else will be added when we release a v1.

v1 is up. Enjoy your weekly dose of games.

XDCC: !ngnl03