Dog Days BD 02

Your second helping of high-quality furries.

From the comments in the previous release it’s obvious some people are still having trouble playing 10-bit. Given this show offers no additional de-censoring, if you’re incapable of 10-bit for whatever reason, just stick with the TV version. They are lower quality, compared to the BD, but we won’t be doing an 8-bit DD BD at this time. Haruhichan have provided a very detailed guide for Hi10P playback across multiple players though, so do give that a go before giving up.

Also, from the same comments, problems were reported with the kara. I had anticipated some problems with the ED on maybe a small number of people, but not on the OP, and neither with that many issues. Therefore, I have added a second subtrack to this release that has no kara effects. Just use the haali media splitter in your tray to switch between scripts. Episode 01 will get a second script in the batch.

Hi10P 720 AAC
XDCC: !ddbd02

Hi10P 1080 FLAC
XDCC: !ddbd+02

19 comments to Dog Days BD 02

  • nokou

    still getting random square glitches and abnormal colour sploges
    but thanks for the episode

    • DmonHiro

      That means that you either don’t have the correct codec that supports 10bit decoding, or you have the codec, but you are using a player that does not work with it, or you have the correct codec and the correct player, but are trying to play this file with CUDA or DXVA, both of which do NOT support 10bit.

  • nokou

    how do i convert this to 8bit

  • Thank you very much for this episode.
    I see it perfectly in 1080-Hi10 with VLC 1.2

  • nokou

    VLC 1.2, hmm im using 1.1
    will give it a go

  • nokou

    fek me pink… it fixed my problem
    Thanks derek07

  • arb

    you need least build 3958 of ffdshow tryout to play it ( ).
    Do NOT use hardware decoding like cuda or DVXA as it doesn’t not least at this point support 10bit.

  • nokou

    arb will this install some sort of codec so that I can convert this file to another format

  • DmonHiro

    Remember I complained about filesize last time? Well, I take it all back. Your releases rules, and I’m sorry I ever said anything about that. BTW, awesome karaoke effects. Seriously, they look really nice.

  • nokou

    arb this codec worked like a charm.. all working perfect and i can use any media player and now i can even reconvert it to any format if need to. Thanks for that

  • Thanks for the awesome release the quality looks fantastic. The only gripe I have is that my current encoder cant handle 10-bit, I can view it perfectly fine through my laptop but I wish to be able to encoder the files with the subs hardcoded so I can watch them on my Blu-Ray player or PS3 through my HDTV to truly enjoy the HQ animation. Can you recommend me a program that can help me do this?

    • Firebird

      The easiest way is to use a GUI like MeGUI or Handbrake, I haven’t ever used Handbrake, and haven’t used MeGUI for a year or so, so I can’t really recall the specifics. You will also need a tool like mkvextract to extract the subs and fonts from our MKVs. Install the fonts before doing the encode. It can be achieved without GUIs using AviSynth and x264, but it’s prolly easier to use a GUI with these packaged in if you aren’t used to encoding.

      You will lose some quality going from 10 to 8-bit though, and prolly just from doing the encode from an encode. Unfortunately not many devices outside of PCs support 10-bit at the moment.

      However, if your PS3 is hooked up to your network, something like PS3 Media Server may work to stream them from the PC to the PS3. I have no idea if this works with 10-bit though, and it’s a couple of years since I used it myself, but might be worth looking into.

      A couple of good resources for this kinda thing are videohelp and doom9, both are likely to have some form of guide/tutorial for hardsubbing.

  • Akane

    Gross! She’s all developed and shit!!

  • Beckett

    Okay, I can’t get this to work. I’ve tried it in:

    Media Player Classic and SMPLayer: Both give weird color splot issues.
    VLC: Sound and subtitles work but video is just a solid green box.
    Windows Media Player: Doesn’t work at all.
    Mplayer2: Causes my antivirus software to freak out and delete it as malware.

    I’ve downloaded the latest FFDShow as recommended by another commentator, no help. What in the hell am I doing wrong, I have downloaded everything recommended and I still can’t play the bloody file.

    • Beckett

      Haha disregard, I am stupid. I had downloaded version 1.1.something or other of VLC, assuming without looking that the latest version on their website was in fact the latest version. Apparently this assumption was wrong as some Googling eventually led me to the REAL 1.2, which indeed works like a champ for this file. Now I can finally watch it, woot!

  • xan2116

    The subtitle animation is glitchy with mpc either either internal or directvobsub but perfectly fine with mplayer2 (which has the same sub engine as vlc i think). thanks for the non animated track as i use mpc, love the quality! if people are having splogy video the latest CCCP supports 10bit just fine.

  • nokou

    Firebird thanks for the info but now I’ve decided the only time i’ll be convertion these 1080-Hi10 beauties is when i will be reconverting to bluray (for my pesonal use only). Thanks and keep em comming

  • sandoe41

    One suggestion I have not seen for MPC-HC is to set the SUBTITLE resolution to 640×480, once I did that almost all my problems cleared up playing the show. It makes the subtitling slightly fuzzy, but still clearly readable.