Girls und Panzer 01

So, here’s our second show which we’ve released before our first show.

Anyhow, this show was better than I expected, good staff choice I guess. Also, pink tank beats all.

We threw our German guy at this, he didn’t really get much chance to show his worth this episode though :< TOR RG
XDCC: !tank01

Here’s what we believe the Ankou Dance to be.

69 comments to Girls und Panzer 01

  • darkhacker

    Gee so much bitching over a word people want to take seriously in a show about little girls driving a tank >.>

    thank you guys =)

  • gaiar31

    waiting for ep 02 > <

  • Raziël

    why use random German words, when it’s not even spoken.

    “this tyranny is beyond Hitler”……… really?

    what’s next, one of the girls say something like “good luck with work”
    and you translate somewhere along the lines “ARBEIT MACH FREI”.