High School DxD 01

Ahoy! Episode 01 is a little later than I had envisioned, but then usually our episode 01s are a little slower than the other eps.

This is the uncensored version, well, the boobs are. Unfortunately the cap from ATX-HD hasn’t come through so we’ve had to shareraw. There’s still a chance we’ll get the .ts through, if that happens we’ll release a Hi10P version too. The shareraw, I have to say, isn’t great quality. Karaoke is really basic because aegisub was doing funky things with the k-template.

This show has demon chicks. I love demon chicks. This show is going to be awesome for a pervert like myself, demon chicks.

Did I mention demon chicks? The uniforms look really familiar, I assume another anime has similar looking uniforms… anyone know which one?

I should have some more boobs for you this weekend too.

Btw, demon chicks!

HiP Shareraw
XDCC: !dxd801

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  • It's true.

    High School DxD destroys Maken-Ki!

    And Hiryuu rapes Hadena/SubDesu.

    The subs are top notch thanks Hiryuu for subbing this one.

    • phrozen

      Couldn’t agree more on the Hiryuu point! Since they are doing it I have to pick this one up and well, demon chicks!

  • amen665

    just…….. awesome! i’ll be waiting for that hi10, glad you guys are doing this! thxs! (>w<)b

  • random

    it may be soon for ask but…wil you do the BD of thsi when it will came out?

  • Rias’ uniform reminds me of Stella Harvenheit’s from Chrno Crusade. Those lines in the chest area…

  • anonymous

    That censoring! So counter-intuitive. Give us full-on glorious boobage, but not her butt crack. It’s not like we’d see her vagina if it wasn’t there (oh, god, but if we could…).

  • anonymous

    My first impression of the uniform was Bible Black, but only part of it. Maybe a little School Days too. With the blouse exposed and not covered by a blazer.

  • BoinBoin

    Good job there!

  • Mentar

    Thanks for what’s clearly the best translation of all releases so far! 🙂

    I have a humble, polite request (which I know from personal experience is a nuisance for TL/Editor): Could you please reconsider two issues?

    1) It’s “Gremory”, not “Grimoire”. The Katakana is clear (see the official website), “Grimoire” has a different pronunciation and would be written differently.

    2) While “Demon” isn’t wrong for “Akuma”, all works so far (Light Novel translations, Manga scanlations) went with “Devil”, which is the more common translation too.

    I believe it would make the experience of your subs much more smooth for the experienced fans of this series. Could it be possible to adapt the script, starting next episode? I’d be very happy about it.

    • We already noticed the first point and will make sure to use Gremory in the future.
      As for the second point, we’ll talk about it and see which one we like better.

      • I just like to point out the Issei/Ise name
        Yumma, Matsuda and Motohama called him by his nickname “Ise” cuz of closeness
        but those who is formal to him,used “Issei”
        If you listen clearly you be able to distinguis the difference in the name calling.

      • coward

        The fact that she isn’t a book would be a better indication.

        Or that Gremory is a demon lord from hell depicted as a beautiful woman…

    • Um…..sumimasen…
      I believe that demon is the race of the supernatural being, while The Devil is their leader (refer to a single being, the one who protest to God about whether demons should be bowing before Adam because it created from a flame while Adam created from clay).
      From my knowledge, Lucifer is “The Devil”, while being a demon. I’m afraid the other usage of “devil” without referring to Lucifer (or Iblis in Islamic culture) were void.

      • Well it was clearly stated on the novel that they are devils not demon and

        Show Spoiler »

        Rias’s Brother is Lucifer

        • Acnologia

          Failed spoilers ftl ;__;

        • nINJAkECIL

          BBCode doesn’t work here 😉
          Also, stating “devils” with “s” (as plural) were wrong (google that you’ll know what I mean). For all I know (I don’t read the novel, and I’m not intended to), Lucifer IS The Devil. There’s only one devil. If he has a sibling, that doesn’t mean his sibling is the devil.

          Japanese people rarely used word 魔王 for specifically referring to one being, instead they used 悪魔 which can be translated as “Devil” or “Demon”. If that referring to many beings, then that’s “demons”, otherwise should be translated to “devil”. There’s also 妖怪 which refers to a class of monster, but it’s not in the context here.

          If you happen to read the original novel (Japanese version), then I assume the author could be mistaken “demon(s)” with “devil”, but that’s rarely happen.

          • Devils dies in Light, Holy water and Cross
            Demons don’t that’s why they are Devils not Demons.

            Show Spoiler »

            And Lucifer here is a Title cus the original Lucifer here died from the last war according to the story. There fore Rias’s brother has the tile of Lucifer only.

            • Firebird

              There are many different beliefs regarding devil/devils. The most common being that the Devil is Lucifer, an angel who fell from grace.

              However, there are several pieces of information that we need to look at.

              Click to read… »

              1. The general Christian belief is that Lucifer/Satan was a fallen angel, and leads the legions of hells. Fallen angels and demons are one and the same in this belief.
              2. DxD depicts fallen angels and devils/demons to be two different things. However, that is in paradox to point 1, but see 3.
              3. Lucifer and Satan are believed to be two different beings in some interpretations of the bible. This supports the theory that Satan is the leader of the demons, and Lucifer the leader of the fallen angels – this however disagrees with DxD.
              4. Gremory and Phenex are high-ranking demons in the Lessor Key of Solomon and several other demonic classifications. Satan is also classed a demon in many of these works.
              5. The Devil/Lucifer is considered the highest ranking demon in many beliefs.
              6. Baal was often confused with Satan but also said to be his closest aid. Baal is a demon, if there is nobody ranked more highly than him other than Satan, then this further suggests there is only one devil. However, see point 3.
              7. In Japan, there doesn’t appear to be any distinction between devil and demon.

              I am aware the English TL of the LN has it as devils. But, based on all the above, the most important part being ‘Gremory’ & ‘Phenex’, I would suggest the author is referring to the western belief of demons, especially given she’s specifically mentioned as being European. But, to be honest, I think the classification of either is meaningless given point 7.

              TL;DR We’ll stick with demons.

              Btw, I updated your posts. Spoiler tag works fine, but you got the slash the wrong way round.

            • nINJAkECIL

              There’s no “devils,” (with “s”, plural).

              In Christianity theology:



              In Islamic theology:



              But, if you believe the author of the novel intended as you stated, then so be it. I won’t argue.

    • stinky

      Akumano Zeto, is the Devil z.

  • Oppai ftw

    Thanks for doing this!

    btw, here’s a better raw which you can use for a v2:

  • random

    after reading the LN i also think is better to use “devil” instead of demon

  • Redsocks

    Even if it were a devil it would still be a demongirl, so I’m voting to stick with the secret third option: A Vampire 😛

  • random

    no vampire are a separate category in this story even if they will not appear in the anime they appear in the LN

  • antares

    Does it really matter?

  • tehaa

    Thanks for the release 🙂

  • ET

    I think it needs a TL checker… I notice quite a few translation errors.

    • Care to point out a few examples?

      • ET

        Well, one obvious one is at the beginning: 00:25-00:29


        The translation is:
        Devote your life to me.

        But I think it should be either:
        You shall live for me.
        You shall live for my sake. (Literally)

        And of course, I believe there are other better translations.

        However, I am sure “Devote your life to me” has a different Japanese phrase for it.

        • The three phrases have equivalent meaning in English, so where exactly is the error?

          • WsE88

            All those lines portray the exact same meaning. Prefering one line over the other is simply a matter of taste, not about translation being wrong.

            I suspect this is the same for the “quite a few translation errors”. We are liberal in our translations, not literal. Therefore a matter of taste.

  • stinky

    The suit looks like one from Idol Fighter Suchi pai.

  • oh, well wait eps 2 this day and eps 1v2 too 😀

  • Chigworth

    Dear everyone:

    You’ve come to the best subbers for this show (and possibly the best subbers fullstop) and yet people are bitching.

    Why not just nut the fuck up and enjoy the show instead of bitching about literal and liberal translations and minor wording changes?

    This doesn’t apply to the sensible people by the way. Use common sense, it goes a long way.