Freezing 01 – Censored

Included the title image so you can view it uncropped… and also read the inconsistencies found in the anime. Fun.

So, after reviewing it we decided against releasing the censored version. The reason being it’s just so censored it’s unwatchable… 16:9 it may be, better quality indeed. But truly, it’s just way too censored. Basically, we’d rather watch a slightly lesser quality AT-X version then watch a black screen… (see below).

I’ve also changed the font in the original script due to complaints, download the font patch here.
and comparisons:

Here’s screenshots of the censored version…
Screenshots are taken directly from the .ts file and are therefore unencoded, hence the strange resolution.

19 comments to Freezing 01 – Censored

  • nig2

    About fucking time!

    Glad to see you picked a non shit font~

  • Accel

    wow who is even going to touch this LOL.

  • At least it’s not blue =x

  • amen665

    you gonna keep the original fonts throughout the show and make patches for those who don’t? or you gonna change the fonts for the 2nd episode on up? i think the original fonts are good btw.

    • Firebird

      I was intending to leave the font with the new one, you’re the first person who has praised the old font 😛 If enough people want the old one, I can create two subtracks, one for each font so people can decide for themselves… let’s see if anybody else requests the old one first.

  • simonfails

    it seems that i cant get this patch to work… T_T
    and that **** console from xdelta is closing to fast for me to see the reason why
    i only knew that my font hasnt been changed – and no – i’m using the torrent version without the underscores
    filename is:
    [Hiryuu] Freezing 01 Uncensored [AT-X 1280×720 H264 AAC] [3CC54942]

    placed in the downloaded font directory…

    what did i wrong?

    • simonfails

      tested it again – now i could read the error message:
      this version xdelta is not compatible with the currently running windows (win7 32)


      • simonfails

        Solution found – i exchanged the xdelta with another version (included in patch from another group) and it worked – new font looks better – sorry for inconvience

  • Soul

    Woah, talking abour censoring fail.
    That’s why I don’t watch anything censored.

  • Emperor Gulcasa

    yeah i rather watch the at-x less quality than this

  • LMAO! Someone’s went overboard with the censoring. I mean, sure, you’d want to keep those suggestive parts out of place for the kids, maybe – but now the kids’ got nothing to see but shadows in every scene! xD

  • Merushi

    Who turned out the lights??
    Seriously, who could watch something that’s black for half of the time.