Uncensored Goodness

There is none this season. Sorry.

animegio and D4rkFactor checked the AT-X airings for both Majikoi and Maken-Ki! but neither have aired uncensored. So, I’m afraid we’re stuck with light-beams and hexagonal cookies. I haven’t seen anything about webcasts, but the quality of those is terribad anyway.

Therefore, in order to admire the boobs, you’ll have to wait for the BDs.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but, at least you can give your fap-hand some rest for the season.

On a semi-related note, the Hi10P version of Majikoi 02 should hit tomorrow with full ED and several minor adjustments to the main script (a couple errors sneaked though, nothing major though.) EDIT: It’s out, check the original Majikoi 02 post for linkage.

21 comments to Uncensored Goodness

  • Oh well, not A big deal:)
    Thnx for all the releases you have done so far.

  • DJ-Slush

    Damnit, my right forearm needed the exercise too. Oh well I guess.

  • HERLoct_HENT

    Thanks a lot for the info.
    Can’t wait for Hi10P Majikoi Ep 2 🙂

  • Anon

    It can’t be helped.

  • Horo

    So how long until Maken-ki! ep 2 then?

  • name


  • amen665

    thats a dam shame…… will you doing the bd’s for either of these shows? if so…… i’ll do the unthinkable and wait for those.

  • memaverick

    too bad. but guys, if webcast is available, please do release it.
    these eye cancers really spoil the show. [though I’ll also wait for the BD release]

    anyway, thanks for the these release. you guys rule.

  • Misdreavius

    Are you guys seriously going to stop watching because of the censors? In Majikoi, they only censored the ONE scene, and that’s it. I seriously doubt future episodes will even have full-blown nudity like that again. They definitely don’t ruin the show at all, at least Majikoi isn’t beams of light.

    Geez there’s better stuff on the internet. Learn to google.

    • memaverick

      for me, the thing i want is that the censor is removed not basically showing the part being censored. “spoiling the show” was an overstatement though. just hate the censor, it kills the mood for me.

    • amen665

      > Geez there’s better stuff on the internet. Learn to google.

      and what does not watching this have anything to do with “learn to google”? its not like your gonna be affected if i choose not to watch.

  • Pudi

    good to hear that you guys do some adjustments/fixes for the Majikoi subs..

  • Z010

    Well I have no choice. I’ll watch the censored version to figure out the plot then when the oppai version comes out I can fully enjoy said oppai since I will have nothing to distract me. Now some one give me some vodka so I can make those lemons worthwhile.

  • R

    just a quick question whats bd? and when is it usually released

  • ondi

    10 bit majikoi 😀 !

  • Wishmaster

    *I’m dead* 🙁

  • No biggie (mainly panstu shots, anyways). It’s not like MajiKoi and Maken-ki are Queen’s Blade or Freezing. Still, I’m following them. ^_^

  • Reina

    I haven’t seen anything about webcasts, but the quality of those is terribad anyway.

    Indeed, but i appreciated Manyuu webcast, wasn’t so bad, and a 360p is 10 times better then a censored version with light beams anyway. I give up then, wait for bds.

  • molitar

    Japan, needs to cancel all subscriptions to AT-X.. Why would you pay for a premium channel that censors. I know I would not.