Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!! 02

YOSH! Episode 02! There’s even a proverb in it!

There’s censoring in this episode. We don’t have a capper for AT-X, but we will look at shareraws once it’s aired on AT-X and see if they offer any additional uncensoring.

The ED hasn’t been done, I apologise. The translator ran out of time and might not be able to handle it for a couple of days, so I decided against delaying the release for that. EDIT: ED has been added to the Hi10P version.

I didn’t remind the capper to cap this, so we had to shareraw again the HiP version again. The Hi10P version will come from the MX cap like last week, and I’ll hold that back to add the ED if need be. Hi10P released, from D4rkFactors encode.

The OP makes little sense to me, but then when do the OP/ED in anime ever make sense? The kara-effects aren’t all that orgasmic – far from it. Honestly, I didn’t really have a clue what to go with, so just went with something fairly simple.

Gone back to using Capt, and will amend episode 01 for the batch and/or BD.

EDIT: The font collector failed for some reason. So the final screen’s TS font wasn’t included, apologies. Not gonna v2 for one line that 90% of leechers won’t even view though.

XDCC: !maji02

XDCC: !maji802

43 comments to Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!! 02


    I watched both 8bit and 10bit of Majikoi ep.02, and 10bit were definitely far superior in picture quality. Superb detail, although not completely removed the color banding (maybe it’s already there along with .ts?).
    Thank you, and waiting for 10bit BD of Majikoi.

    • Firebird

      Aye, unfortunately the broadcast itself isn’t the perfect quality I had hoped for. Still, it’s better than the Maken-Ki! TVS broadcast.

  • Majikoi S

    I would download a v2 for one line.. hopefully it will be fixed for the batch.

  • macxxx007

    argh… there’s no censorship in real life… SO WHY HERE?!

    Oh well, thanks for the episode! I’ll watch both! censored and uncensored! THANKS AGAIN!

  • TK

    This anime just got licensed.