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Active-ish Staff

Name Role Projects Website
Arzine QC Parade, SAO2
convexity TL, TLC, QC DD’, DD”, Double-J, DxD, FrzV, GuP, Majikoi, RKB, Samurai Bride, SenKa, Vanadis
corocoro Editor DD, DD’, DD”, Double-J, DxD, GuP, Maken-Ki!, OniAi, RKB, Samurai Bride, SenKa, Shimoseka, Softenni, TnQ, MDoll, FrzV, NGNL, Vanadis Anime-Sharing
D4rkFactor Encoder Brave10, DD, DD’, DD”, Double-J, DxD BorN, Frz, FrzV, Kampfer, Majikoi, Maken-ki, Manyuu, NGNL, OniAi, QB, Sanka, Shiny Bread, Softenni, SAO2
denpa Encoder Vanadis, Shimoseka
Ephemere TS, QC Illya 2wei Herz, Shimoseka, Vanadis
Fyurie Editor, QC, Unwilling TS Slave Illya 2wei Herz, Parade, SAO2, Vanadis GJM
HyakuPercent Leader, Timer, TS Every show since Spring 2013 Hiryuu, Cthuko
lyger Magic super-wonderful KFX fairy, TLC HenNeko, FrzV, MDoll, NGNL, Shimoseka, maybe more? EveTaku, kdfss
puddizzle TL, TLC, Secret Audio Recordings, Meme Master HenNeko, Illya 2wei Herz, NGNL, Parade, Shinmai
Saeval Encoder Grimgar
Sereft Editor, QC Parade, Shinmai
TarVanimelde Editor, QC DD”, DxD BorN, SAO2, Shinmai, Vanadis
TheAraragiKun Timer Parade, Shimoseka, Vanadis
torchlight QC Illya 2wei Herz, Grimgar
zenrii TL, TLC DxD BorN, Shimoseka

Acknowledgements/Friends Doing Stuff

People that have done or are doing stuff for us, that aren’t part of regular staff. These people tend to only stay on for a single project, but their work is greatly appreciated!

Name Role Projects Website
Capt. Tomo TLC DD 10
conkerer KFX, TS SAO2 OP1
deltakei TLC Queen’s Blade OVA
Duratrix Graphics: Freezing Eyecatches Ep05 Freezing BDs Hell Gurren
Faust^ Web: Updater Kept the Downloads page up to date before everything went down.
Floris257 Timer SAO2 2v0, 6, 12, 14.5
Jeffrey-sama Editor, Falls-asleep-er (okay, that was only one ep), Riajuu Sankarea, SAO2
Jocko KFX DxD BorN
lunr Timer NGNL
Patient Zero Graphics: ‘Nuder’ Freezing Breakout 03
shark0week0 TLC Illya 2wei Herz
Squiggy Graphics Projects Page Tsundere Rips
tenkenX6 Translator, TLC SAO2 14.5
Tobikage TLC Ro-Kyu-Bu! 09+10
Ver Graphics: Freezing Eyecatches Ep07+
Graphics: Celebratory Images
Freezing BDs
Wasted Graphics: Freezing Eyecatches to Ep04 Freezing BDs Wasted Free Time

Backup/Inactive/Ex Staff

Name Role Projects Website
Aera_Bibi TLC Brave10, Shiny Bread
animegio QC, Boob Bro, Deputy Leaderfag, Fibi’s Boss DxD, Kampfer, Maid, Majikoi, Manyuu, OniAi, Sanka, SenKa, TnQ Ecchilicious
Bele QC Brave10, Double-J, Manyuu
Blazenar QC, Timer, K-timer DxD, GuP, RKB, Maken-Ki!, Shiny Bread, Softenni
Cyanryuu Editor Brave10, QB, Shiny Bread
Darkside Editor, QC Hyakka, Freezing
DTryPleX Translator, TLC RKB
Firebird Project Lead, K-Guy, TS, Timer, Encoder, Editor, QC All Every show before Winter 2014 Hiryuu
Harth Translator, TLC, Editor, Burger Queen Asobi, Freezing, HOTD, Kampfer, Maid, Manyuu Harth’s Chaos
HeavenlyArmed TS / Edit A few eps of OniAi, Dakara
Jororo QC MDoll
kyonUU Translator Brave10, HOTD, Maid-sama, QB, Softenni
Nesto1000 Timer Hyakka
nINJAkECIL TS GuP, Samurai Bride, SenKa, OniAi 08+
ONC Translator, TLC, Pretty Limiter Boy Fodder Asobi, DD, DD’, DxD, Freezing, Majikoi, Maken-Ki!, OniAi, RKB, Shiny Bread, SenKa, Softenni, TnQ
Ortix Cheerleader, QC Freezing
Rekyu TL, TLC OniAi, HenNeko, MDoll, NGNL, SAO2
Sarah Translator Hyakka, Maken-Ki!, Manyuu
twinkle- Admin, Editor, QC, Hyaku’s Slave, Court Jester DD”, DxD BorN, FrzV, HenNeko, MDoll, NGNL, Shimoseka, SAO2, Vanadis
Umino TLC Hyakka, Breakout
WsE QC DD, DD’, DxD, FrzV, GuP, HenNeko, HOTD, Majikoi, RKB, Samurai Bride, SenKa, Shiny Bread, Softenni Animetake
Zumochi QC DD’

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