Freezing BD Batch


That’s right. The batch is finally done. Prepare to be underwhelmed!

What’s different:
All new encodes. Hi10P. I’ll no longer be doing HiP.
The primary and secondary scripts have been switched. Script one is full KFX without Rana’s desu, and script two is no KFX with Rana’s desu.
Menus and eyecatches are included as images. Just tell your torrent client to ignore those if you don’t want them.

So, Fibi, why did the batch take so long?
Lack of motivation, pure and simply. Revisiting a show a third time, alone, isn’t fun.

Well, given how long it’s taken, I imagine you’ve done some super-awesome work and the like, right?
No. To be honest, in actual hours worked on, it isn’t that much more than a regular batch.

Thanks to corocoro for some last minute QC… otherwise these wouldn’t have even been re-QC’d.

We do indeed intend to do season two.

1080: TOR
XDCC: !frz+

720: TOR
XDCC: !frz

Add a two digit episode number onto the trigger for the specific ep required, or view for copypasta.

We’re also on the look out for TLs, of course. But a TS and editor are also needed. A backup for timer/QC may also be considered. Email firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com and I’ll fire a test your way.

Majikoi BD Batch

Better late than never, right?

Thanks to Kitty for pointing out many of the derp-fixes.
EPs changes: 01, 02, 05, 06, 09, 11, NCED03, NCED04, NCED09, NCED10, PV

Mostly only one or two lines were changed in each ep, and with NCED09/10 it’s just a filename change.

1080 FLAC
XDCC: !maji+00 (replace 00 with ep number.)

720 AAC
XDCC: !maji00 (replace 00 with ep number.)

EDIT: eng has created patches: Thanks.
TO apply:

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Get Xdelta
Place Xdetla3.exe in the same folder as the original file.
Open command prompt (or create a batch file) and type something like:
xdelta3.exe -d -s “Original Filename” “Patch File”
01, for example would be:
xdelta3.exe -d -s “[Hiryuu] Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!! 01 [BD Hi10P 1280×720 H264 AAC] [BFC48B4B].mkv” “01v2.xdelta”

Freezing? Yes yes, I’ll do some more on that soon.
TnQ? Stuck at me, I have three movies to time. This has pretty much gone to the back of the pile but I’ll try and grab one soon.
Highschool DxD OVA? Yes, we’re doing it. But TL just moved abroad to University, hence delays. There’s no schedule or ETA, it’ll simply be ready when it’s ready.
Next season? No idea. See what CR do, when what’s left airs and what our staff want to do.


As stated previously, the encodes D4rkFactor created will not go to waste.

Eps 01 – 03 are all Hiryuu and have had some fixes applied.
Ep 04 and 05 are all Hiryuu, but weren’t redone, so have the original release script.
Eps 06 – 12 are Horrible subtitles timed to Hiryuu raws and restyled.
No editing was done to the Horrible script.

Thanks to animegio for timing these, and D4rk for continuing to encode the episodes even when no work seemed to be happening.



Maken-ki! Batch… well, sort of

Screenie for Blazenar.

Well, it is a batch, but I haven’t gone through every episode. 05 and 11 are the only ones that changed. There were a couple eps that I missed the ‘Hiryuu presents’ out somehow, but I don’t think that’s v2 worthy tbh. Apologies for it taking a while.

Now, why did I only do half a job instead of doing a quick QC of all eps? Well, Kira are now gonna do the BDs with our subs, so a true batch wasn’t needed. Usually, we don’t bother batching at all when we do BDs, Kira is doing them, or if we plain just don’t want to revisit a show! However, the derps in ep05 and 11 were significant enough that I felt they should be v2’d, so here they be.

There was a timing derp on ep05 and the mkvtoolnix 5.2.0 bug screwed fonts on ep11. While fixing said timing error, I also fixed some of what D_S advised.



XDCC triggers for 05 and 11 have been updated.

Double-J Batch

Double-J batch release. Only three episodes changed, 01, 02 and 09. No patches, they’re small enough already!


XDCC triggers have been updated.

Hyakka Ryouran BD Batch

720p AAC H264

So, the batch is up and running. A few major changes, a few minor ones, see full post for full changes. Tis project is now finalised and no further edits or patches will be made unless there’s a major cock-up somewhere.

Track one: English, full TS & KFX
Track two: English, no animated TS and basic karaoke. This mostly effects the OP, ED, closing sequence and transformation scenes.

As stated previously, episode 12 and the OVA are identical with the exception of the color. We suggest you skip the regular episode 12 and go with the full-color version; the OVA.

XDCC will be updated with the new versions once I stop being lazy.

Great news, new server is up and running, the Hiryuu bot is now running on a 1Gbps connection, I’ve doubled the capacity and tripled the RAM. Magical.

To apply patches, download the relevant patch unpack it into the folder where the current file is and run the bat file. The file needs to have the name we gave it upon release. The original names are included in a text file in each tar. Episode 01 patch is based on the v2 file. Episode 01 & 02 have large patches of 176mb & 125mb respectively as I re-encoded the audio due to aniDB stating they were mono when they weren’t – a nub HE-AAC encoding mistake. Big patches, but still smaller than downloading the new version.

Changes made in the batch were…
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