OniAi 12


Only a full season late, but OniAi is finally done! To anyone still with us, thanks for your patience and sorry for the mammoth delays.

DMonHiro is doing these BDs with our subs and we generally don’t batch TV releases; there will be no batch – or rather, if we do batch them, it will be just that, the 12 eps thrown together with no changes.

XDCC: !sis12

SenKa 11 is likely to suffer heavier delays than intended. With Xity out we were planning to plain-edit Funi, but given Commie already do that, we’ll wait on him. For now, I therefore don’t have a projected release date, worst-case scenario it gets a double release with ep12.

GuP will likely be a week or so, depending how busy Xity is.

Next season:
HenNeko is very likely as an EveTaku joint, but we’ll confirm closer the time.
Hyakka Samurai Bride – Working out the details, but at worst it’ll be a Funi TLC+Edit.

OniAi 05

Needs more nipples.

Recruiting translators for next season, and someone who is creative enough to do KFX because I’m getting lazier with it.

XDCC: !sis05

OniAi 01

And now to release our first show… second.

A fun show, Arashi is mine btw.

MX was slightly more censored than AT-X but nothing worth worrying about (just an extra shadow during the bath towel scene, not too noticeable). If it gets worse we may have to revert to AT-X shareraw until one of the cappers can get a dish on his house.

Thanks to Lyger for random tidbits of help here n there.

XDCC: !sis01

Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Not very often I make this sort of post, but this game deserves it!

Kamidori isn’t just a visual novel, it’s a full-featured RPG that revolves around crafting (alchemy), with plenty of dungeons to explore too.

For those that don’t know, I struggle to play VNs, I enjoy them for a small time, then get bored of simply reading on screen text. I’d rather just read a book. However, this particular one has enough game elements to keep me entertained.

This was the first VN I played for a lengthy period of time, more over, it was in Japanese when I played it originally. Myself and another staff member liked the game so much, we made enquiries to translate this ourselves. Nothing came of it really, we didn’t have the translation resources for both this and our regular anime… however, I did get what I thought a random message from some guy on a forum claiming he was translating the game and it’d be out at the end of February 2012. I didn’t expect much of it to be perfectly honest. However, much to my joy, a few days ago, a full English patch for the game and it’s three expansions (appends) was released. Perhaps it was the same guy, perhaps it was coincidence, I don’t know, the usernames don’t match anyhow. Either way, the game is out in full English, so, it’s time to play!

There’s sex, of course there’s sex, and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t what enticed me originally. However, being immersed in the world, I all but forgot about said sex until it happened. The game is so much more than simply hentai. If hentai isn’t your thing, play this game anyway and simply skip those scenes.

You can find the patch here: http://tenka.seiha.org/2012/02/atelier-wil-and-his-pretty-princess-dressup-adventures/

It’s only drawback is the fact that one of the main three chicks is a loli.

Give it a go, it’s a great game!

Maken-ki! Batch… well, sort of

Screenie for Blazenar.

Well, it is a batch, but I haven’t gone through every episode. 05 and 11 are the only ones that changed. There were a couple eps that I missed the ‘Hiryuu presents’ out somehow, but I don’t think that’s v2 worthy tbh. Apologies for it taking a while.

Now, why did I only do half a job instead of doing a quick QC of all eps? Well, Kira are now gonna do the BDs with our subs, so a true batch wasn’t needed. Usually, we don’t bother batching at all when we do BDs, Kira is doing them, or if we plain just don’t want to revisit a show! However, the derps in ep05 and 11 were significant enough that I felt they should be v2’d, so here they be.

There was a timing derp on ep05 and the mkvtoolnix 5.2.0 bug screwed fonts on ep11. While fixing said timing error, I also fixed some of what D_S advised.



XDCC triggers for 05 and 11 have been updated.

Maken-ki! 12

And with that, another show ends, and indeed the season too. Apologies for the late-season delays, let’s errr… blame it on Christmas?

We’ve decided against doing the Maken-ki! BDs, we’ve got Majikoi & DD on the go, and TnQ is still behind too. Next season we’ll be doing Highschool DxD, it’s unlikely we’ll be doing a second show. I hope to use the season to catch up.

We’ve also got the Queen’s Blade OVA+Special to release… once I force someone to TLC the special!

Given we’re not doing the BDs, we will batch the TV versions.
v2 stuff:
05 – Timing derp.
11 – Fonts issue caused by a bug in mkvtoolnix 5.1.0 (we’ve gone back to the relative safety of 3.4.0 again!)
If there’s anything you recall being v2 worthy, please drop me a message on IRC, otherwise I’ll have a quick scout through them and release the batch at the weekend.

XDCC: !maken12

XDCC: !maken812

Once again, thanks to all the staff for their hardwork this season, and to all the leechers for watching Hiryuu.

Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!! 12

Foremost, merry Christmas for tomorrow. I hope Santa brings you everything you desired, I’m hoping there’s a Wanko and Tsubame in my stocking when I wake up tomorrow!

A delayed release, initially because the TL was flying at the usual time, and then an extra few days because I haven’t been around for the past week. Special thanks to animegio for timing this while I was away, and dealing with stuff in general, and those who he forced to cover my role 😉

Episode 12, and that’s the end of that. Majikoi S VN is out next month, that might be fun and who knows, it may spawn another anime, we’ll see.

No batch as we’ll be doing BDs, will try not to keep them as delayed as DD and Freezing, but no promises. It’s likely we’re only doing one show next season (DxD), unless you can magically give us another TL. So, BDs shouldn’t fall too far behind.


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Go, Ring! – Apparently this a Gundam 00 reference, something to do with fang projectiles? Having personally avoided Gundam like the plague, I’ve not a clue.
Nonexistent youth – See ep06 post, or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Metropolitan_Ordinance_Regarding_the_Healthy_Development_of_Youths#.22Nonexistent_youth.22_bill
JGSDF – A part of the JSDF. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Ground_Self-Defense_Force
His name was Adolf Hitler. – Not so much a reference, but an interesting read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_law
Multipurpose high maneuver decisive battle weapon Cookie V. – Evangelion reference to multipurpose humanoid decisive battle weapons.
Kawakami Driver! – Kinnikuman reference.
Golgo Bank – I thought we’d mentioned this before, but I can’t find it. http://anidb.net/a5746

XDCC: !maji12

XDCC: !maji812

Maken-ki 11 (Ultra-delayed edition)

Maken-ki 11 Release Pic

Christmas related delays and staff switching non-withstanding, we managed to get this out! Given, XDCC will have to come later and the torrent is white as of this writing, but we all should survive that. ^^
Anyway, special thanks to Blazenar for typesetting this episode and to WsE for lending us his godly QC skills, despite being in the middle of a game. Yes, that’s right, he dropped whatever he was playing just to QC an anime he doesn’t like all that much. Now, that’s dedication!

Now, here’s your Maken:

FSc | FP | FJ
XDCC: !maken11

FSc | FP | FJ
XDCC: !maken811

P.s.: Does this count as nipple slip? Click on the picture for a larger version:

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You're missing out here.

Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!! 11

You don’t mess with bitches in heat!

animegio has petitioned the Majikoi S creators to give me a threesome with Tastuko and Ami, fingers crossed.

Episode 12 will be later than usual given the TL will be on plane at the usual time.

All the references are pretty much about sexual positions.

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A couple DBZ references in this ep that animegio tells me only I won’t get, so not to note them.
Sailboat Tea-Grinding Mill – NSFW http://www.best48.com/Ehokakechausu.html
Crisscross Pine Needles – NSFW http://www.best48.com/Ematsubakuzushi.html
Roly-Poly – NSFW http://www.best48.com/Eteens.html
Riding Down the Cliff – NSFW http://www.best48.com/Ehiyodorigoe.html
All 48 positions – NSFW http://www.best48.com/E96thumbs.html
Kawakami Style White-Blade Capture! – ‘Shinken shirahadori’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wad%C5%8D-ry%C5%AB

XDCC: !maji11

XDCC: !maji811

Maken-ki! 10

Episode 10 is out.

A note for you:
“I’m seen as a precocious prodigy.” – She originally said “mimidoshima” – meaning a young women with lots of knowledge, usually of the superficial type, hearsay, and especially, about sex.


XDCC: !maken10

XDCC: !maken810