As you may have noticed, Brave10 has fallen extremely behind. Three key staff members have contributed to delays in some form. With no translation for the latter episodes, and only half the season edited and the fact we did this because CR released three days later, continuing the project now seems meaningless.

Originally, it was just stalled, but it’s been on hiatus for too long now and I’ve decided to cut the cord. I don’t enjoy dropping things, but I do not see the point of continuing this god-awful show when CR did a fine job. We’ve dropped two things in one season… I don’t like this one bit. More over, one of said key staff is still MIA.

I’m sure many of you expected this outcome, but until last Friday I was still holding out hope we could get it done and out of the way… I’ve now given up said hope.

That said, D4rkFactor has encoded all the episodes, and it seems a waste to let them go unused. I will therefore batch the raws together so you can at least have a better raw. I’ll likely do that during the course of the week – possibly Friday if I can get up early enough.

Maken-ki! 06

A screenie for Blazenar.

corocoro has some stuff to do so wasn’t able to apply my QC, meaning I had to do it myself… this could spell disaster!

Note »

Most Japanese people don’t use dryers, they air-dry their clothes. So they typically don’t do laundry on a rainy day.
If I missed anything noteworthy, I’m sure corocoro will rage at me and I’ll update this post.

No stripy-blue-pants for me this week, where is she?! :< Hi10P FS MU TOR
XDCC: !maken06

XDCC: !maken806

Majikoi 07 might be running a little later then usual this week as the TL has exams & essays to worry about.

Double-J 08 Delayed

Unfortunately, Double-J changed it’s programming schedule at the last minute and therefore the capper’s automation didn’t cap it. As a result, we have no raw to work with at present. The show doesn’t re-air until Monday. Korean raws seem to be the only shareraw available, or we can possibly use a stream-raw, but neither are up as yet for ep08. Depending on quality, we may v0 from one of these. Otherwise, Double-J will be delayed until next week.



Freezing 08 WHERE?


Fuck knows. Remember we were late last week due to raw issues? Well, we’ve a similar problem this time round too. As it stands, there is no acceptable raw available to us at this time. Both the .ts and the guy on share have yet to release. The raws available are 960*720 (or lower) and not to our standard. Therefore I’m raging so much you’d think I was on roids.

To add insult to injury, we actually had this TL’d faster HOURS FASTER then any previous episode. With the arrival of Capitalist Fags we were FUCK YEAH! I went over bought myself a .ts and within an hour of the show airing we had a lovely little transport stream sitting on our server. So we figured we’d get this shit out quickly… then D4rkfactor broke the news, our transport stream was 480p. I raged hard. This episode would’ve been out possibly 12 hours ago if the original .ts had been acceptable.

Capitalist Fags don’t have ATX-HD so that’s that idea out of the window. So we’re back to relying on Share.

Freezing 08 is late, and is gonna be even later. RAGE.



This season is likely to mean delays, starting with Hyakka 09. Every aspect of this episode… that we’ve done so far has been delayed for whatever reasons.

A number of staff have  pre-warned that delays may get worse leading up to the height of the holidays due to other RL commitments.

Therefore, our aim will be to get Hyakka out on Thursday until further notice. That’s a day later than usual.

My apologies.

Hyakka 01/02 BDs aren’t ready yet either, the scipts need to be TLC’d (eps01-03 were without a TLC), but umino is damn busy atm so they may be somewhat delayed also. Unless I can con Seto Otaku’s team into TLCing 😉

Hyakka 07 Further Delayed

Episode was already suffering pre-warned delays due to my meeting today. However, after umpteen hours driving I am epic tired. I’m just going to crawl into bed.

Therefore, Hyakka will be delayed until tomorrow. My apologies. The script requires only an hour or two of work before it’s ready for QC, but I need to go to work too, so it’ll be done once I get home tomorrow! I apologise for this MAJOR delay.

Next week should see us back on track with any luck.

Sekirei Delayed

Great huh? The first post of a newly formed Fansub group is to state there are delays. Fantastic!

I’m hoping these are just teething problems. I’m unhappy with he quality of the first batch of encodes, and I have no intention of releasing low quality material. I may use a pre-existing raw in order to time everything fully and get the typsetting how I want it to be in the mean time.

Encoding will continue throughout today until I am happy with the quality. Hopefully, there will be a release out before the night closes in. But there’s no guarantee.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come, but merely an obstacle sent to try us.