Two Year Anniversary

The 1st of October marks two years brimming with (mostly) fun, and because I’m proud of this group I like to mark the occasion.

We’ve had a great run, I’ve enjoyed working with the many staff we’ve had, and in general I’ve enjoyed working on our shows, as I hope our staff have.

Once again, ver has created us a celebratory image to commemorate the occasion, click the image above for the full version, or check out funstuff.

I hope we continue on with our success and see plenty more boobs shows in the future. Thanks to everyone, staff, leechers and even those precious trolls for sticking with Hiryuu through the bad (Brave10) the ugly (RKB). but also the awesome (boobs), and I hope you’ll stick with us a little longer. Shows aside, I’ve always liked to do that little extra where we can. The DxD and Freezing games being among them, or even my lazy mux for the forgetful and the… lazy and I hope we can find something similar to do this season too.

This season we’re looking at two shows.
Girls und Panzer and Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!
But we’ve a few details to work out beforehand. We want to ensure CR don’t announce true-simulcasts and check based on the first episode whether or not we actually want to work on either show. The second has a hot red head with bouncy boobs though, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t.

Two years is a great milestone, let’s make it to three!

Two Million Torrent Downloads

Although the stats on Nyaa aren’t quite as accurate as they were, they do report us over 2,000,000 downloaded torrents.

Another milestone, another celebratory image! Thanks Ver! Click image to view wallpaper size, or click here to view with our Majikoi logo instead. You can also find this, and other funstuff on the funstuff page.

Again, a big thank to all our staff, and all those we’ve worked with in joints for keeping Hiryuu alive and kicking. And thanks to the leechers for enjoying our work. We enjoy subbing, hence we do it, but I’d be lying if I said milestones like this didn’t fill me with a sense of pride of what our humble boob-loving staff + WsE have achieved. See you at five million!

We may possibly have another show for you this season, working out the minor details, watch this space.

One Year Anniversary

Hiryuu is one year old come October 1st!

A lot has happened over the year, staff have come and a few have gone, but generally we’re still a perverted bunch. Anime has been subbed, we’ve scanalated a little, translated a mini-game, and even added an extra round to said game. We like to do that little extra where possible, hell, we even released wallpapers. Our success to date is more than I could’ve hoped for this time last year, and I have to say it’s thanks to the brilliant team we’ve had working with us, along with the fans who’ve supported us.

The image links to a 2112×1188 pixel version which can be used for wallpaper goodness, should you so chose.
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Hirano Katsuyuki Art Works

I noticed on the bakabt forums some random guy asking for this. So, I googled debinding, got the hair dryer out, dusted off my old scanner and got working. Hirano Katsuyuki is known for working on many games, most notably Record of Agarest War, and Cross Edge, however, he also works on some light novels. This book contains 160 pages of his art, and even an interview at the back (not translated). Convexity also very kindly translated the contents page, so you know where to skip to for your favourite game ^_^

The sleeve cover wasn’t scanned as it’s the same as page one, nor did I scan the back cover.

This guy really does draw some amazing women, and it makes me wanna play Agarest again!

EDIT: It appears the Agarest visual books haven’t been scanalated either, I’ll remedy that next month. I’ll also see if I can get my hands on the collector’s art book/post cards that came with the original game, I think I might be struggling with those though. Zero didn’t ship with any books, but does have some cards, so I’ll throw them in with the original games scans… if I can get hold of them.

D-EDIT: Collectors edition for the first game found, expect the 48-page artbook, and post cards from both collectors editions scanned sometime in the next couple of weeks.

XDCC: !art

Lands of Hope: Phoenix Edition

Lands of Hope is a game I played many moons ago. It, and it’s predecessor are among the most in depth and open-ended games I have played. It allows for many things from crafting bows, to constructing dungeons, to breeding mythical beasts or even just grinding in true RPG style. It’s a browser game like no other I’ve played.

Yesterday saw Decius’s (the GM) next evolution appear in open beta form. Assuming it’s as addicting and fun as the previous two games, it’s sure to be great. Given it’s open beta, it’s not finished of course, but should give you a taste of what’s to come! If you’re a fan of RPGs or browser-based games and enjoy interacting with a mature and helpful community, you should give it a try! It even includes a mini card game.

About Phoenix Edition
Phoenix Edition is a re-imagining of the Forlorn Hope/Lands of Hope game franchise.

Events of LoH have been turned on their head with a cataclysmic event the catalyst for the direction the game heads in.

In Phoenix Edition all of the core systems have been rewritten yet the game is extremely easy to pickup and learn requiring no extensive learning curve or PHD in Gaming Sciences as some found the original LoH too hard to start.

New Players and Old alike will find something fun to play here!

While simple to pickup the game still features epic storytelling and plot devices to bring an enjoyable and lengthy playing experience.

Some screenshots here.

Be sure to give it a go! Play!

Freezing BD 03

H264 Uncensored BD

There it be.

Pre-warning, episode 04 is MAMMOTH. And I mean massive. The current episodes are pretty big, 1.7g for the 1080. But episode 04 will be 2.9g. Yes, 2.9gb. I trust D4rkFactor, and I have to say the quality is pristine.

That said, I know some people aren’t going to like it. Therefore I propose to do one of two things, encode a 480p version of ep01-04 to keep filesizes low, or transcode the 720/1080 versions into bit-starved lower quality versions and label them [LQ]. That is of course, if anyone actually does give a damn about the size. If not, then get the regular encodes.

I’ll ponder it after releasing episode 04, and do the encodes over the weekend if need be.

Wallpapers for ep03 up too, you crazy lot.

720 AAC

1080 FLAC

Breakout 03

The third batch of the Freezing Breakout game is now ready. “But Fibi, there was no third batch on the official site”. That’s right, this is our making, Patient Zero very kindly nuded the pics for us and we’ve created Freezing Breakout 03 from those.


The ball has a reduced size, the speed starts off slower than that of Breakout 02, but has a higher acceleration. There are also very few blocks to hit, so that adds an element of difficulty surprisingly. I’ve also reduced your balls to three.

Let me say it again in case you missed it.

This is the nude version.

Several of he characters have been up for a little while, but Cassie was added to the mix late, so wasn’t nuded with the original batch. She’s now joined the crew and their distaste for clothing. Cassie has also been added to Breakout 01 (Uniform) & 02 (Underwear). Her Breakout 02 version is unique from the other games too, in that it has two parts – as does the official version.



Play now!

Freezing Breakout 02!

The second batch of the Breakout game is now ready. Taken directly from Freezing’s official site (freezing dot tv) and translated by umino. This is the underwear version, batch one was the uniform version.

This batch includes a hints page from some guy called Tatti who is a Breakout Master apparently. The only real difference other than a reward that involves less clothing is that the blocks around the breasts and panties require two hits as opposed to one and the ball is a little faster.

There is no nude/boobs version I’m afraid. If a gfx guy wants to make nude versions of the pics we have (preferably render them too, so I can apply different backgrounds) I’ll gladly make Freezing Breakout 3 myself.

Play now!

Freezing… stuff!

So, we here at Hiryuu wondered how we could improve your Freezing enjoyment. We already intend to the BDs, and our releases of said BDs should be pretty unique too. But also, while browsing the official Freezing website, I came across their flash game. I thought hey, it’d be fun to TL that and throw it on our website. The game is similar to breakout, or DX-ball.

So we did. There are two versions of this game, we have only TL’d the first version atm, umino is still working on the second. Harth has done a little editing on it too, but no formal editing has been done. This was a fun project more than anything, so it’s not gone through the same process as a TV show.

I had planned to rip the .swf file and replace the Japanese instructions (on the about tab) with English, however whenever I recompiled it wouldn’t work as intended. That said I can now happily create configuration files and various other games of a similar nature providing I have appropriate images (I may have made a test Hentai one for WsE… but I am committing to nothing!). The flash application also has the ability to keep track of high scores, I’ll work some cgi rankings board in at a later date.

The rewards for completing each character are the same as those on the official website, which tbh aren’t overly amazing. But, have fun any way ^_^ The game can be found under the funstuff menu, here.

In addition, I wanted to point out to those fans that are interested, you can get the vol05+ scans from For the Halibut, here.

We’ll release the second batch once the TLs are done.

Play now!

Challenge Accepted!!


Harth laid down the gauntlet, challenged me to a k-timing extravaganza! What the fool didn’t realise was… it’d mean he’d have to TL and romanise the lyrics. I think he got the short straw personally.

But, challenge accepted, and completed! Miya’s Can Can with karaoke!

We didn’t make the video, this guy did!

Watch it on youtube… or if you’re that way inclined… download!