Samurai Bride


Dropped. I can’t express my upset over this, but the cap for ep05 I thought I was getting never came through. We’re three eps behind, no caps, and even if we go and shareraw every week, at best we’d get it out four days late. It’s a CR edit and therefore not worth the hassle. This show meant a lot to me personally as the original series was our first ever show from TL up.


Go watch FFF.

Senran Kagura aside, we’ve had a few shitty seasons for one reason or another, and tbh, this one isn’t looking great either. Hyakka dropped and HenNeko constantly being delayed by 24+ hours is just awful.

We now have a bunch of staff just sat twiddling thumbs.

I can only apologize to any leechers we still have remaining.

Samurai Bride 01 + 02


So, our second show of the season. Both scripts had a whole bunch of revisions… mostly due to finding more signs for Ninja to TS. Seriously, there’s a surprisingly large number of signs. I have seen worse but it was still wholly unexpected given the first series.

This will have no real set schedule as getting caps for ATX-HD isn’t proving overly easy. Filesize is a little bigger than expected, but I’m putting that down to the animation style.

Whether future eps will be quicker or not, I really can’t say.

01: TOR
XDCC: !bride01

02: TOR
XDCC: !bride02

Hyakka Ryouran BD Batch

720p AAC H264

So, the batch is up and running. A few major changes, a few minor ones, see full post for full changes. Tis project is now finalised and no further edits or patches will be made unless there’s a major cock-up somewhere.

Track one: English, full TS & KFX
Track two: English, no animated TS and basic karaoke. This mostly effects the OP, ED, closing sequence and transformation scenes.

As stated previously, episode 12 and the OVA are identical with the exception of the color. We suggest you skip the regular episode 12 and go with the full-color version; the OVA.

XDCC will be updated with the new versions once I stop being lazy.

Great news, new server is up and running, the Hiryuu bot is now running on a 1Gbps connection, I’ve doubled the capacity and tripled the RAM. Magical.

To apply patches, download the relevant patch unpack it into the folder where the current file is and run the bat file. The file needs to have the name we gave it upon release. The original names are included in a text file in each tar. Episode 01 patch is based on the v2 file. Episode 01 & 02 have large patches of 176mb & 125mb respectively as I re-encoded the audio due to aniDB stating they were mono when they weren’t – a nub HE-AAC encoding mistake. Big patches, but still smaller than downloading the new version.

Changes made in the batch were…
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Hyakka Ryouran BD 12

720p AAC H264

And with that, it’s over. A few changes I need to make for the batch, VM03 and SP03 have some major changes, but everything else is fairly minor – one ep is changing an a and a u around, but I want the batch to be free of any known errors.

We also have an OVA for you. Now, the OVA is exactly the same as episode 12, except it’s in full color throughout. My advice, therefore, is to scrap episode 12 and grab the OVA instead. There’s an extra scene in both versions, that wasn’t in the TV versions – but it’s only like 5 seconds. Both have an OP & ED, which the TV version didn’t.

!hyakka XDCC triggers have been replaced with the BD version, and !hrbd removed.

XDCC: !hyakka12c

Episode 12 (Pssst, I recommend getting the OVA instead!)
XDCC: !hyakka12

EDIT: So, apparently after upgrading WordPress, or one of my plugins, spaces are being ignored after commas, colons and other such characters. Fun huh? I’ll go disable some plugins see if I can find it, if it’s the core update, then bah!

Hyakka Ryouran BD 11

720p AAC H264

Only one more to go + OVA… but the OVA is just episode 12… in full color.

Later than billed, apologies. Then again, other than DD what is on schedule this season?

FAPTASTIC NEWS! I heard from Seto Sun of Seto Otaku, he’s alive and well, just been extremely busy with work and real life issues. But it was awesome to hear from him!

XDCC: !hrbd11

Freezing 04 this week too. I’ve encoded them, though, I’m not completely happy with the 1080. I can either get rid of the grain and create banding on certain scenes, or leave the grain and… well… it’s grainy. The grain is less noticeable after watching for a minute or so, where as the banding is far more visible on the scenes it appears on, one scene where Ingrid has just jumped down is particular bandy on the degrained version. Therefore I went with the lesser of two evils. Grainy. *cry*

Also, UFW released Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo 03! GO GO GO!!

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls SP06 & VM06

720p AAC H264

And thus concludes the Hyakka specials. I think the team working on this had the right fapitude to the job, and between us, we fapped hard.

This episode has its fap moments, but nothing… nothing beats SP02!

Special 06

Voiced Manga 06

I wasn’t able to get Hyakka finished by this weekend unfortunately. 11 is being QC’d now and 12 is half-way done. Hopefully we’ll have it out of the way by next weekend instead.

Hyakka Ryouran BD 10

Yes, we are still doing this.

720p AAC H264

So, Nesto was timing this. But his computer went awry. I was too lazy to time it myself and waited for him to send it to me. I get it, and something went amiss. I had to retime it this morning anyhow. Oh, the irony.

I intend to time 11, 12 and the OVA and have them released by the end of next weekend. The VM is done, and SP06 is with the TLC. The batch will be a week later maybe, there are a few small things that need changing in the earlier episodes, 09 second script needs fixing (left too much TS in) and VM03/SP03 need a few changes (i.e the editors changes weren’t applied.)

XDCC: !hrbd10
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Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls BD 09

720p AAC H264

As if I’d totally forgotten about this… psssh.

Nia boobs are win. I wasn’t slightly hungover when working on this today either, honest.

Having totally forgotten about it, I’ve only just asked Nesto to time 10 too, so that won’t be imminent.

XDCC: !hrbd09

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls SP05 & VM05

720p AAC H264

Have fun.

Special 05

Voiced Manga 05

Freezing 12 isn’t going well. New hurdle each time, new rageface.png variant every 10minutes. Translation was finished maybe 18 hours ago. We should’ve released some time ago. Caps and encodes haven’t been going well. If we still haven’t got our shit together tomorrow, I’m just going to shareraw with Leopard.

For those interested, I donated our FS monies to the Kesenai appeal thingy, and topped it up to $60. Thanks for your contribution.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls BD 08

720p AAC H264

Gittan is hot. Any questions?

XDCC trigger !hrbd08

As stated previously we are supporting the Kesenai Japan Relief Fund, all FS monies will be donated to it at the end of the month and we urge all those able to donate to the appeal, or directly to one of the charities helping Japan out in this time of need, to do so. Japan is the source of the anime community, the mother of your otaku obsession and without it, you wouldn’t be you. If you can afford a little something to help with the relief effort, it would be greatly appreciated by the people of Japan I’m sure.