Winter 2015

Dog Days'' - CM2000311

As we enter the new season, there are some things that come and go. With many shows airing next season, we have decided to pick up two shows. While there are other shows which we would like to pick up, we simply cannot because we do not have enough staff or interest.

This season, we will be seeing a return of Dog Days! This show has always been one of our favorite shows. While I was not a part of this group when the first two seasons aired, it was apparently one of our favorite shows to sub. On behalf of the staff, I am proud to say that we will be picking up the third season.

The next and final show we will be picking up is Death Parade! While this show is not something we would usually pick up, you can be certain that we will try to give you the best possible experience. I don’t know what the show is about but I hear that it’s going to be good and there’s a lot of hype. Feel free to check it out!

With the announcements done, happy new year! We hope you’ll stick around with us and we wish you all a good year.

Fall 2011

So, our plans are as follows:

Tamayura: Hitotose
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!

Unless something really fucks up, or Crunchyroll do both, those are what we’ll be doing.

Tamayura had the most staff votes, Maji De is one I’m forci– we all chose.

Both have AT-X airings, but Tamayura shouldn’t need it, so we’ll grab a better quality broadcast for that. Maji De *may* need some decensoring, but hopefully it’ll be fine and we can use a Tokyo MX broadcast instead. We’ll see what happens. If it’s AT-X, we’ll have to shareraw at this point unfortunately.

We’re still recruiting translators, so please do let me know if you want to TL for us.

Hope to see you around for Fall!

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500k <3


Today we’ve reached over 500k torrent downloads! Might not be much compared to the bigger groups, but fuck yeah it feels good!

500k.. half a million. If we factor in MU and FS downloads, we’ll be pretty much at 1million downloads of our releases! It’s a pretty big milestone for me, if nobody else.

I’m proud to say, 8 months on we’re still live and kicking with a nice little fanbase, but please, we do want more Fanbois! 😛

So, what are our plans this season?
We will continue Double-J, finish up Shitenni 11&12, do some shitty loli-basketball… I mean some awesome loli-show that I really wanted to do (I might be lying) called RKB and possibly Nyanpire. In addition, we may be doing Manyuu as a joint with Kira, if a TL steps up for it. We’ll also be doing the Princess Baby Zero or sth, OVA. This season looks rather rubbish I’m afraid.

So, where’s RKB now? Well, the new TL is on holiday atm, so the first few eps will be a little late. For it to be TLC’d quickly and pumped out, it needs to be TL’d over the weekend, but until DTryPleX gets back from his vacation, he can’t commit to that. So, do stick with us, we will get it out, it just may be the first few eps are slow.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a capper for Nyanpire, RKB or Manyuu (so, only Double-J). If you, or someone you know, can cap these shows, I’d love to hear from you.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone for sticking with Hiryuu and pushing us up to 500k! We’ve gone a long way in these last few months – from our shitty first release of Hyakka, damn, the timing was soooo bad on ep01, to the now more acceptable quality we produce today. The groups started originally with just me with Seto helping out, we then picked up Hyakka and it became three of us… which quickly escalated to the troops we have now! Most of my staff come from association and therefore have good reputations and provide quality results, the few that didn’t, were removed from the group. Thanks to all the staff who have, or are currently working with us that have made Hiryuu what it is today; much love <3. I hope to see you around here this season, and future seasons to come.

Dog Days 13

720p AAC H264

And that’s the end of that >_>

Thanks to all the staff that helped make this happen. ONC really wanted to do this, and I’m glad we made it happen for him. Thanks to HiNA too, without you guys we wouldn’t have made it here! Though you may have died half way through, the members from HiNA stayed on with us to finish this project!

Get your tissues ready…
No, not for that. This episode made WsE cry… again.

There will be no batch, we will be doing the BDs.
As a special bonus, we’re doing the DD manga as a joint with ASS, I say a joint, really I’m the only guy not in their group, but corocoro and ONC are in both, so it works 😛
We’ll also grab the drama CDs.

XDCC: !dog13

And the low quality version (181mb)

Next season we intend to full softsub kara and not bother with the kanji. We may also release our WR as LQ versions again, depends on the show.
Crunchyroll have yet to announce, but our first show seems safe enough to confirm – Double-J. See you in the Summer!

Hiryuu needs you!

Ahoy there! Hiryuu needs accomplices! Specifically, those that can translate our animu into Engrish!

“But Fibi, what are the benefits of joining Hiryuu?” Well, my little Elven friend, I’m glad you asked.

  • A rage-free leaderfag.
  • A friendly group of mature fansubbers who are by no means in the least perverted.
  • Boobs.
  • Free gym membership at your local Hiryuu fitness complex.
  • Free healthcare and dental.
  • WsE.
  • World domination.

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Highschool of the Dead OVA

H264 Uncensored BD

Yeah, we’re doing this. Well, done it. We decided at the end of March to do a couple OVAs this season. One of them, SYD we completely forgot about… so haven’t bothered with it now. Maid-sama is a possibility, if Nawashi is able to find time to TL it, he will. But we’re not gonna drag it out, if he’s unable to soon, we just won’t bother. Kampfer 14 is TL’d, but we’re waiting on episode 13 with the BD. We’ll release both together. The last OVA is Asobi, originally I would’ve been working on this with Seto Otaku, but the leader of Seto Otaku is missing atm unfortunately, so we decided to do it with Hiryuu instead, the Seto Otaku members we have in Hiryuu will be working on it too, so it’s sorta like homage to Seto Sun, wherever and whatever he’s doing right now.

OP lyrics were taken from gg and k-timed by us. Official ED lyrics include that god awful Engrish, sorry >< WsE wasn't bribed into QCing this with offers of yuri loli, honestly. Enough of my ramblings, back to the yuri, and the glorious fapping that comes with it. 720 AAC FS MU TOR
XDCC: !hotd

1080 FLAC
XDCC: !hotd1080

Damned dead, it’s all the same. I blame lack of sleep.

Spring 2011

Ok, things have changed somewhat, due to having no TLC for Dog Days, and CR picking up Sengoku Otome, our plans are a little different:

New plans:
Kampfer OVA

In addition, we will be doing a joint with HiNA for Dog Days. This is a show that our TL, ONC really wanted to do, but we didn’t have the TLC resources in-house. Luckily, Sunny was happy to joint with us. We have episode 01 TL’d, we have it capped, we have it timed to the work raw. Sunnys team will now TLC and edit. We’ll encode the release candidate as they do that, then someone from both groups will QC and we’ll hopefully release around this time tomorrow.

Our projected release time thereafter is before midnight, Mondays UTC. Though, given the timezone variances between the teams, and ONCs commitment to his new job, we’ll see how this pans out this week.

Sofuteni will be a weekend release, at this time I’m thinking Saturday, we’ll see how it goes though.

We also plan to do some other OVAs for shitz and giggles.

Freezing 12 should be Thursday, UTC. And Freezing BD01 should be tomorrow, with BD02 Thursday. Hyakka should be out soon(ish) too. Don’t hold us to any of the above, but that’s the plan at least.

Public Service Announcement

No Freezing

Due to crisis’ that have befallen Japan, Freezing 11 will be delayed by one week. Freezing 12 will air sometime in April, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

EDIT: April 7th is the scheduled air date for Freeing 12 according to AT-X.


You may note Freezing 11 also airs on another channel on the 23rd, this is censored and therefore irrelevant to us for a release.

Spring 2011

I may as well tell you our Spring plans too now eh?

We will be doing Kampfer: Fur die Liebe and Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox. Both will be TL’d by our newest translator, Nawashi. Kampfer is only two episodes, Sengoku has the potential to fail real bad, but Nawashi wanted that or SnQ2… and well, we went with the lesser of two evils 😛

ONC may also be TLing a third show, however, he is currently job hunting so we’ll confirm his status closer the time.


Right now, our ranks are fairly good. We’ve got a couple of inactive staff though, and next season our beloved Harth will be unable to TLC due to real life circumstances. I therefore require a TLC, you and the TL will work together after a show has aired. Generally we like to have it out within 24 hours, so I generally give the TL/TLC combo 18 hours to finish up (this allows for timezone differences). But, all schedules and deadlines will be agreed upon beforehand. So, if you’re able to TLC, please see me in #HiryuuRecruits, e-mail me on firebird at or leave me a comment and I’ll e-mail you. You’ll be given a small audio clip to TL to prove you know the language!

Kesenai Japan Relief Fund

This fundraiser has reached over $5,000, I thank you all for your support and efforts and hopefully it can continue. The situation seems to sound worse and worse in Japan each day. I also found out some rather startling news, well… we all knew charities don’t give all the money to the cause it was set up for, a charity is a form of business, it has overheads such as rent or wages to cover, in the end only the profit goes to the desired location, or into the equipment needed to help said people. However, I never realised just how much charities took, and how little actually got to where it was needed most.

Global Giving boast they take a flat 15%… that’s an astonishing amount, yet they boast about it because it’s much lower than most international charities.

I really do wonder why they need so much, and I really do question why other charities would need even more. But the money is still going to the right place, for that $5,000 we’ve accumulated, $4,250 willall of it will end up being spent accordingly on machinery, equipment or wages for rescue workers. EDIT: The total amount shown, is exclusive of the fees, which you can chose to pay yourself when donating if you so desire.

I’m in agreement that the charities take too much, but if we don’t donate, they’ll get nothing, and 85% of nothing, is still nothing.

Winter 2011 Season…

Our plans, at this time are the following…

Beezlebub & Freezing

Both are tentative and it all depends on the staff and the schedule of the shows, we won’t for example take them both on if they air within an hour of one another. I may potentially have one less TL than originally planned too. We will confirm closer the time as to what exactly we intend to do. Freezing is the foremost choice at this time however.

We had originally planned to do Rio – Rainbow Gate, but at that point we thought Freezing was going to be released in Spring 2011. Kamikazeeee told me otherwise.

We’ll also be doing the Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Blu-rays… in fact that is fairly imminent and should see a release before the end of the month.

Freezing Preview:

[stream base=x:/ flv=FREEZING_PV01.flv img=x:/×221.jpg embed=false share=false width=608 height=336 dock=true controlbar=bottom bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Recruitment for the upcoming season!

We need a capper, we will use lower quality raws next season if we have to, or possibly even pay elitist fags… we’ll see. (Read: lower, not shit.)
Translator, can never have enough!
Translator checker, as above 😛
Encoder, I’m lazy. I don’t want to sit cutting the .ts streams every week! I want someone else to do it for me!

Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls

Hiryuu Fansubs is pleased to announce it’s first major project, Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls! This is an ecchi series that looks to be really promising. It’s been described as a cross between Ikkitousen and Queen’s Blade. Let’s hope it delivers!

Info from ANN – The story takes place in Japan in the early 21st century, in an alternate reality where the Tokugawa Shogunate has remained in power. In this reality, student councils are tasked with oppressing schools. Yagyuu Muneakira is a high school student who rebels against his student council with the help of girls who’ve had the names of famous samurai heroes passed on to them.

We hope to have the first episode ready for download by Wednesday.
EDIT: I’m assuming AT-X are doing the uncensored version, so we may wait to release that version… which is a week behind the regular. We’ll see, may do both versions.