Summer Plans and Recruitment

[Hiryuu]_Highschool_of_the_Dead_OVA_[BD_1280x720_H264_AAC]_[AD11E1F7].mkv_snapshot_05.31_[2014.07.03_00.28.08]No, there’s no new Highschool of the Dead. However, it is summer!

Here are the Summer 2014 season plans I promised! We’ll be subbing Sword Art Online II. We’ll be changing up the release schedule and sequence, putting out relatively quick v0s followed by v1s for each episode. On that note, the translator and editor who worked on the first season over at EveTaku will be working on this with us.

But there’s another important announcement: We’re looking for new staff (preferably highly dedicated and talented, of course). In particular, we’d like to have another timer and another typesetter, but we could use more of everything. Applicants are expected to have experience and will be tested.

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Do you want to join an ever-expanding group of super awesome people and forever go down in the annals of history as the best there ever was? If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you should probably stop reading now.

However, if you’d like to be treated only slightly better than a prinny, work hard, get paid nothing and have some sniveling overlord-type fellow order you about like he knows what he’s doing when really he doesn’t. Well, that we can help with.

We’ve put a few feelers out already, but so far have either refused applicants or people just haven’t returned tests – usually I get at least ¾ back. I don’t know if it’s a bad time for recruitment, if it’s just because people thought we were dead given we did nothing last season, or because it’s different positions we are recruiting but I was expecting a few more applicants. So, let’s give a proper post a shot before I wander off to those dirty forums!
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Winter 2012 Recruitment

We Want You!

So, we’re currently kicking around ideas for what to do next season. Nothing in concrete yet, just some very vague ideas. However, we could do with some help!
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Recruiting Translators!

For Fall 2011, we could do with another translator or two.

The shows on the short-list atm are
C³, Ben-To, Maken-ki & Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai
(These aren’t guaranteed shows we’re doing, just the current short-list. We’ll prolly only do two, or three.)

If you’re interested in TL/TLCing any of these shows, please get in touch. firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com, find me as _Firebird_ on irc (_Burntout_ is my away nick) or leave a comment with a valid email.

Other than knowing the language (ofc) there aren’t any real requirements. You’ll be given some audio to TL, and dependant upon how well you do with that, will depend on if we take you.

We’re also interested in a possible editor, given we haven’t actively recruited one in the past, we have no test for this. So experience in fansubbing is required, please show me your previous work. Either way, you will not be let loose on a script straight off the bat, your scripts will be checked by an editor, as well as the QCs, to ensure you meet our standards.

Hiryuu needs you!

Ahoy there! Hiryuu needs accomplices! Specifically, those that can translate our animu into Engrish!

“But Fibi, what are the benefits of joining Hiryuu?” Well, my little Elven friend, I’m glad you asked.

  • A rage-free leaderfag.
  • A friendly group of mature fansubbers who are by no means in the least perverted.
  • Boobs.
  • Free gym membership at your local Hiryuu fitness complex.
  • Free healthcare and dental.
  • WsE.
  • World domination.

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Public Service Announcement

No Freezing

Due to crisis’ that have befallen Japan, Freezing 11 will be delayed by one week. Freezing 12 will air sometime in April, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed.

EDIT: April 7th is the scheduled air date for Freeing 12 according to AT-X.


You may note Freezing 11 also airs on another channel on the 23rd, this is censored and therefore irrelevant to us for a release.

Spring 2011

I may as well tell you our Spring plans too now eh?

We will be doing Kampfer: Fur die Liebe and Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox. Both will be TL’d by our newest translator, Nawashi. Kampfer is only two episodes, Sengoku has the potential to fail real bad, but Nawashi wanted that or SnQ2… and well, we went with the lesser of two evils 😛

ONC may also be TLing a third show, however, he is currently job hunting so we’ll confirm his status closer the time.


Right now, our ranks are fairly good. We’ve got a couple of inactive staff though, and next season our beloved Harth will be unable to TLC due to real life circumstances. I therefore require a TLC, you and the TL will work together after a show has aired. Generally we like to have it out within 24 hours, so I generally give the TL/TLC combo 18 hours to finish up (this allows for timezone differences). But, all schedules and deadlines will be agreed upon beforehand. So, if you’re able to TLC, please see me in #HiryuuRecruits, e-mail me on firebird at or leave me a comment and I’ll e-mail you. You’ll be given a small audio clip to TL to prove you know the language!

Kesenai Japan Relief Fund

This fundraiser has reached over $5,000, I thank you all for your support and efforts and hopefully it can continue. The situation seems to sound worse and worse in Japan each day. I also found out some rather startling news, well… we all knew charities don’t give all the money to the cause it was set up for, a charity is a form of business, it has overheads such as rent or wages to cover, in the end only the profit goes to the desired location, or into the equipment needed to help said people. However, I never realised just how much charities took, and how little actually got to where it was needed most.

Global Giving boast they take a flat 15%… that’s an astonishing amount, yet they boast about it because it’s much lower than most international charities.

I really do wonder why they need so much, and I really do question why other charities would need even more. But the money is still going to the right place, for that $5,000 we’ve accumulated, $4,250 willall of it will end up being spent accordingly on machinery, equipment or wages for rescue workers. EDIT: The total amount shown, is exclusive of the fees, which you can chose to pay yourself when donating if you so desire.

I’m in agreement that the charities take too much, but if we don’t donate, they’ll get nothing, and 85% of nothing, is still nothing.


Recruitment status for next season.

Currently we intend to do two shows. Generally, we have the staff required. However, another translator is required. We intend to stick to the ecchi theme, so please bare that in mine.
If you’re interested in TLing with our group, or in a specific anime please get in touch. Dependant upon the show itself, and the channels it airs on will depend upon the deadlines. But our aim is to get it out within 24 hours of it being broadcast.

If you’ve worked with previous groups, please let me know with whom and on what shows. If you’ve no prior work to show, or do not wish to be affiliated with your old group. I’ll have one of the current TLs hold a conversation with you.

We’ll give you a couple of audio clips to TL.

AT-X Capper
Currently, we have a capper that can get most of the channels we would be likely to require. However, unfortunately he can’t get AT-X.

Given our focus is mostly on ecchi stuffs, we are willing to pay your AT-X subscription if you’re willing to cap said channel for us. No other channels are required.

If you’re interested in either position, you can e-mail me firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com or leave a comment here with a valid e-mail address. Alternatively, msg _Firebird_ on IRC, or leave a message with _Burntout_ (my away nick) if I am not around. If you’re e-mailing, please leave a note as to what timezome you are in, and what times you are available.

ffff Recruitment

So, as you may or may not be aware I had agreed to buy the .ts raws from Elitist Fags. $10 an episode, payable per episode in advance. Unfortunately, EF for reasons unbeknown to me (and really I don’t care why, it’s done and I can’t undo it) stopped all .ts business altogether, although any payments made will be honoured, they won’t accept any new payments. I fall under the latter category.

This means we are without .ts raws. Commander`A has offered to give me his .ts raws, whether he’s trolling me or not, I’ve no clue, but I have no reason to doubt him at this point. When we’ll get them, I don’t know. It may delay our releases this season.

That said, I obviously don’t want to rely on another subgroup for our stuff, nothing wrong with Ryuumaru but I’d like to have a proper capper on our team. We can cope fine this season, but at this stage, I’m willing to offer money to a capper.

If you’re a capper, know a capper or are able to become a capper I’ll offer you $50 a month to get me the shows I need. Price negotiable. E-mail firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com or find me as _Firebird_ in


We need a distro, just someone to go around and post on various anime related forums/sites about our releases. It’s not a particularly difficult job. But can be time consuming when you think of the sheer number of sites out there.

We don’t require someone who is just going to spam various boards. Nor do we require someone who is going to post on two or three forums then do nothing more. We need someone dedicated to getting our stuff out there. I don’t want someone who is just going to sit and seed torrents either, although you’re welcome to do that of course, I wouldn’t refer to you as a staff member.

Someone of good standing within the anime community (whether just a forum poster, or a true Otaku whose worked with other groups) would be best suited. But I’ll have a gander at any applications.

If you’re interested please e-mail with your details, please also include what anime sites you are a member of and/or intend to distribute our releases on. We may add to your list if you are successful. We only have two current projects – Samurai Girls and Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ BD. Samurai Girls is the one we would like to prioritize though, as we have started at a disadvantage to other groups in that we didn’t do the Pre-air… which is virtually, if not identical to episode 01… hence other groups getting their releases out very quickly.

We would prefer two or three people that will each work from a specific list of sites that will distribute all our releases to said sites. Experience tells us this is a better method then issuing people to specific projects. That said if you’re only interested in distributing a certain series, don’t be afraid to apply as we may get someone who only wants the other series!

Our links are MU, FS and TOR. The distributors should use our MU and TOR links, but are free to use their own FS links, as well as any other upload sites they feel appropriate. Given the size of the MU links we make no profit from them and nor would you, we merely wish you to use our links so we can keep track of roughly how many people are downloading – same for the torrents. FS offers monetary reward, so even if we asked you to use our links… you wouldn’t… though we’d prefer you did!

MU = Megaupload
FS = Fileserve
TOR = Torrent

In the mean time, I will be handling it and I really don’t have the time to go around that many sites at all