Sekirei… dropped!

I had no intention of dropping Sekirei, it was purely on the back burner. We’d actually just picked it back up and Nesto was happily sat timing away. The idea of dropping something makes me cringe… but here we have it. 🙁

Nesto looked over on Nyaa and noticed Chihiro released the BDs… first one being 24th December 2010… I guess we didn’t notice because we haven’t released any eps since November. I originally chose Chihiro subs, as when I spoke to them I was under the impression they had no intention to do their own BDs. Obviously, they either changed their minds, or I was miss-informed. But I don’t see any point in releasing something that is going to be 86.7841% the same as them. You can cope without Kazehanas text flying off screen right? I imagine some of you would welcome it.

Before anyone starts suggesting we use someone else’s subs… no. I have no intention of going back the last 5 eps. There are other groups already using Ryuumaru too, the reason we didn’t chose to go Ryuumaru in the first place fact.

Sekirei BDs were the reason Hiryuu was formed, but when we got a couple of full-time TLs on the staff… we quickly shifted focus to TV stuff, that we actually had to TL. Hyakka was our first “true” project, and Freezing is our second. For next season we are throwing around a couple of shows, we’ll keep you informed as we draw closer.


We dropped Sekirei ~ Pure Engagement ~ BDs because we were using another groups subs; Chihiro who are now doing it themselves.

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Blu-ray Episode 05

Moar FIRE!!

It’s just a shame they gave it to THAT guy. Now… Kazehana wielding fire… now that would be hot… in several ways

I like whomever TS’d this for Chihiro, the rice thing near the end was perfect. The re-encodes of episodes 00 through 03 are under way now, but won’t be done before Hyakka 08.

H264 720p AAC Chihiro Subs.

Download MU FS ZU TOR
EPIC FAIL! Guess who forgot to mux fonts… a second time on Sekirei? v2 patch here to save redownloading, place in same folder as v1, unzip and run the .bat file.

XDCC trigger !seki05

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Blu-ray Episode 04


Episode took a little longer than expected. I wanted to get the encodes right. You should notice the encodes in this episode, are far better than those previous. Episode 05 should be tomorrow.

Also, because Nesto1000 is such a whiney bitch, I’ve added chapters. I will go back and do episodes 00 through 03 at a later date, maybe even before the batch. But it’s unlikely they’ll be done this weekend, and not before Hyakka 08.

Also, for your info, Nesto1000 is the new timer that will be working with us in Winter… and if I can get him to stop being an ass, he’ll be doing Hyakka too.

I won’t be adding chapters to Hyakka TV rips, because well I never cared about them and if it wasn’t for Nesto1000 being a whiney bitch I’d have never even thought about them as I never use. but, I will add them in for the BD releases as they only take 5mins to add.

H264 720p AAC Chihiro Subs.

Download MU FS ZU TOR

XDCC trigger !seki04

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Blu-ray Episode 03

You can have a nice bright picture with lots of light beams. Magic.

Warning!! The very first frame of the encode is… funky, I’d already done a couple full re-encodes to trim that first frame… but then the new first frame would do it. I’m thinking there’s something up with my encoderizor! Will play about, but it’s one frame and I figured I’d already delayed the release of this too much already.

H264 720p AAC Chihiro Subs.

I even stole Chihiro’s sign styles for this (on the MBI card, and on the house). Only changed a few lines, there was one that seemed really awkward. But once more, all-in-all a great job by Chihiro. New attack effect added for Kazehana… whooosh!!

Download MU FS TOR

Apologies for not muxing the fonts on the first set of links ><

Kazehana… is awesome.

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Blu-ray Episode 02

That’s right! Allie features in the screenshot – that’s her boot.

720p AAC again. Chihiro once again did an awesome job on this, only had to edit a few lines out, and even then some were just because I felt it sounded better the other way. I completely stole their effect for the ‘position of brother lost’ also.

You may have noticed I put 1080p w/ FLAC (*cough* Allie) on the back-burner you’ll get them once I’ve caught up with ep03 and got Samurai Girls out of the way for the week.

Download – MU FS TOR

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Blu-ray Episode 01

Sekirei episode 01 out, 720p. As with episode 00, encoded directly from BDISO. I have decided against using Ryuumuras subs as Polished are also doing their BD releases on that. So I’ve gone for Chihiro, I did try to find out earlier if they were planning to do their own BD releases, but got no reply. It matters not now, I’ve started with them, so I’ll finish with them. I didn’t use GX_ST because they intend to do their own BD releases.
Script had a few tweaks from myself, the odd line reworded. I did a lot of cross-referencing between Chihiros version and GX_ST. I have to say though, I do like Chihiros TL/TLC on this. Kudos.
Download – MU FS TOR

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Blu-ray Episode 00v2

The styling in the original release was fail. Pink font… wtf!? Padding was off too. Thanks to everyone who informed me as such.

Fixed several styling mishaps, added hardsub karaoke and created more advanced attack effects… although they still aren’t overly complicated. I still haven’t added knaji to the karaoke, I *may* add this in the 1080p version if enough people request it, but unless there is anything major, I won’t be redoing the 720p. I’ve decided the 1080p version will be FLAC, so I won’t offer FLAC as a separate file.

I have left subtitles on in the screenshots so you can see, I suggest you click the image to see in full-size for a beter comparison.

Previous version –

New version attack effect –
Download MU FS TOR

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Blu-ray Episode 00

This is 720p encoded directly from the Blu-ray ISO. 1080p will follow later. H264, AAC. I will upload FLAC as a separate file so anyone who wants it can mux it back in.

I still wasn’t happy the encode, but was informed I was being overly zealous and that the encode is just fine. I guess you will be the judge of that!

Original script from Kira-Fansubs, edited by Seto_Otaku and myself.
Thanks to Seto_Otaku for everything they helped with for this release.

Karaoke is softsub, I had wanted to do some hardsub stuff, but the number of projects I’ve got going atm overcame me! Besides, it’s a blu-ray release. Future releases will be using Ryuumura subs.

Download – MU FS TOR

PS. Samurai girls is already on it’s way to the TL! I assume other Fansub groups will release this episode much quicker as they already TL’d the pre-air. Obviously, we did not.

Sekirei Delayed

Great huh? The first post of a newly formed Fansub group is to state there are delays. Fantastic!

I’m hoping these are just teething problems. I’m unhappy with he quality of the first batch of encodes, and I have no intention of releasing low quality material. I may use a pre-existing raw in order to time everything fully and get the typsetting how I want it to be in the mean time.

Encoding will continue throughout today until I am happy with the quality. Hopefully, there will be a release out before the night closes in. But there’s no guarantee.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come, but merely an obstacle sent to try us.