Senran Kagura 12


And that concludes SenKa.

Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did, especially nearer the end.

We did this show (with a couple of exceptions) as a speed release, I chose to do this to test the team out and because a couple of us work during the week, meaning if it wassn’t done Sunday, it would’ve been delayed by at least 24 hours. Overall I think the team handled it well, lots of simultaneous workers! Thanks to them for sticking to my selfish request of doing it so quickly, especially for the early mornings/late nights.

XDCC: !sk12

Senran Kagura 11


Just a week late, we could’ve done it sooner with a Funi-edit, but you already have that option elsewhere and I’m sure many took it.

12 shouldn’t be too far behind.

XDCC: !sk11

Senran Kagura 10


The field trip hurt us more than expected. Because some of us work, if it’s not done Sunday, or while we’re at work Monday, it really screws us over :< As stated in last post. Next two eps will be scheduled Monday releases. If they turn out similar to this, they may end up being Tuesday, but I'll update the status to the right if that's the case. Damn exams! TOR
XDCC: !sk10

Senran Kagura 09



Well, apparently the underwear thing isn’t as odd as I suspected. Still most people wouldn’t… but nowhere near as uncommon as I thought.

XDCC: !sk09

TL is away next weekend, and then exams follow after that. The last three eps have therefore had the schedule moved back 24 hours. If there’s gonna be any delays on that, I’ll update the status on the right.

Senran Kagura 08


Both TL and cap were a little late this week, hence the delay.

If you didn’t realize there was a delay this week, you can check on the show status to the right of this blog. It’ll either say ‘On Schedule’ or indicate how severe the delays are likely to be. The 08 status said “24Hr Delay”.

XDCC: !sk08

Senran Kagura 07


Had to use a different broadcast given the gf issue mentioned in the v0 post. Sun broadcasts are sometimes a little lower quality then other channels, but other than a few bad frames, this doesn’t seem all that bad compared to AT-X at least.

Oh, backroynms suck.

Comparison to previous raw, if you’re interested:

XDCC: !sk07

Senran Kagura 07v0


Capper, or at least the chap I get the caps from, was apparently out with his girlfriend this weekend and therefore couldn’t grab Chiba (it’s from outside the usual sources). I know, I was as shocked as you… a girlfriend.

Anyhow, as a result we’ve had to slum it down to shareraws. You would’ve got ohys Hi10P, but for some reason unknown to me the trims are different. And even shifting for that the timings were out. For a v0, I didn’t feel it was worth spending that time going from one shitraw to another. We’ll replace with a proper version once we have a cap.

I’m not a fan of v0s, but for this show we have people waking up before the sun rises and others going to bed long after it’s set, so I would shame them all if we did not release today.


Senran Kagura 06


Ninja bunnies get ninja turtles wet.

XDCC: !sk06

Senran Kagura 05


I’d like to get a couple of these girls in a barrier too.

XDCC: !sk05

Senran Kagura 04

SenKa 04

Get over here!


Oh, and there’s a new ED.

XDCC: !sk04