Shimoseka 10 (BD)

[Hiryuu] Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai - 10 [BD 720p][Premux][E84B58D6]_001_14085

Thanks to Kou for coming along and filling in the shoes that zenrii left behind.

I honestly doubt anyone waited for us, but here’s episode 10. 11 is currently being worked on as well.



Shimoseka 09

shimoseka 9 premux_001_27402

I just wanted to let you guys know that I love you. It’s always a blast reading what you have to say. To be honest, I don’t really care what you talk about but please keep the shit flinging to a minimum and keep it constructive. kthxbye.

zenrii is on vacation now so translations should be moving forward. However, we still don’t have any active translators available. We’re always looking for translators, so if you’re interested in joining our team, please contact me on IRC or email me at

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Shimoseka 08

shimoseka 8 premux_001_1298

I was supposed to release this last night but I was too tired. Release pic related.

Edit: Woops, looks like I forgot to update the triggers. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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Shimoseka 07

[Hiryuu] Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai - 07 [720p H264 AAC][61F778EE]_001_9773

It’s the Kinniku Buster!

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Shimoseka 06

[Hiryuu] Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai - 06 [720p H264 AAC][02F2E4EC]_001_25578

Those are some fine boobs.

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Shimoseka 05

shimoseka 5 premux_001_18748

The extra characters are cuter than they should be.

zenrii was/is zenrip again. Something something something about being sick and I was away at a con over the weekend.

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Shimoseka 04

In other news, get your body ready for some, uh, character development in this episode?

As for ep 5:

<puddi>so much is happening
<puddi>so much is WRONG
<puddi>but so much is happening
<puddi>OH GOD

He’s not even working on the show, and I haven’t seen it, so I can’t judge if this is an appropriate reaction or not.

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Shimoseka 03

The translator had finals and stuff, and that pushed everything back. Work on 04 has started to some degree.

<zenrii>what on earth am i watching
<zenrii>i feel like i just got defiled on so many levels

There you have it, a preview of what’s to come for the next release. Work on Fate/loli is underway too, never fear.

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Shimoseka 02

shimoseka 2 premux_001_7083

The pleasure of finally being able to release.

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Shimoseka 01

shimoseka 1 at-x video mx audio [final raw]_001_30568

Okay ladies and gentleman, it’s time to add another series to your p〇rn collection!

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Edit: Our server is currently down. You should still be able to grab the release via torrent but we won’t be able to seed it. XDCC is currently down too.

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