Sword Art Online II 23-24

Right in the kokoro

Yeah, sorry I couldn’t deliver yesterday. I ended up staying out the whole day and it was too late by the time I got home. Anyways, here’s your final two episodes of Sword Art Online!

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twinkle edit: if anyone has seen errors or issues worth pointing out in any of the episodes, please let us know in case we haven’t yet seen the problem so they can be fixed for batch.

Sword Art Online II 21-22


Had to get my Sweet Ass Online just for you guys. As I said earlier today, here’s the next two episodes! I forgot that I had some plans for tomorrow so the final two episodes might come by around night time rather than mid day.

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Sword Art Online II 19-20


So we’re still doing this. Another two episodes will come later today and the final two will probably come some time tomorrow.

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Sword Art Online II 18


We’re flying through this!

Sorry about the delays on SAO, there really isn’t much we could do about them. There has been a good amount of work done on the other episodes so the rest will depend on the availability of our staff. On that note, we hope to get 19 out before Christmas.

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Sword Art Online II 17

Here, have some Shocking Anger Outpouring.

Now for a quick status update on stuff: Vanadis 05 is at… actually, I thought it’d be out by now. It’s almost done. If I can’t contact our last guy for final check, I think I might do it myself and call it a day. Vanadis 06 is kind of far along and waiting at me. SAO II 18 is also kind of stuck at me. There are also some other obligations I have that I better not delay, so hopefully I don’t push back both shows much. edit: Knew I forgot something… Two more Vanadi-chu shorts are translated and awaiting editing.

Oh yeah, some explanation about the name of something in this ep (taken from ep 16 post comments):

Show »

We debated what to do here and I changed my mind twice about this stuff. Episode 15 should use Excaliber, not Excalibur. It’s already been changed for batch. You’ll see what happens in episode 17. In 17 there’s a point made how Excalibur is the proper spelling but in-game it’s actually Excaliber here. We were thinking that it would be proper for characters to use Excalibur until the reveal in episode 17 because characters don’t know the “wrong” spelling is correct here. However, episode 17 has a quick flashback to ep 15 where huge-lady asks them to draw Excaliber. I thought it’d be awkward and confusing to have both Excalibur and Excaliber used in the script before the reveal (and furthermore for her to use the wrong spelling when she’s an NPC and obviously knows about it), so it’s just going to all be Excaliber until someone brings it up.

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Sword Art Online II 16

Slowly catching up. Hopefully we can make a double release soon and get both 17 and 18 out at our “usual” release time.

On another note, Madan no Ou to Vanadis will hopefully be back on schedule this weekend. corocoro is back so we’ll hopefully be picking up the pace.

Well, another episode, another Silly Argument Observed.

By the way, XDCC and torrents were both briefly down over this past week but should be working properly now. If something is amiss, try to contact me on IRC (or here, but this way is usually slower), and I’ll see what needs addressing.

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Sword Art Online II 15

[Hiryuu] Sword Art Online II - 15 [720p H264 AAC][1CDD4438]_001_15836

Sorry we’re so late with this Sensational Alfheim Outing. Episodes 16-17 are currently being worked on, and we hope to release them relatively soon. We’ll almost certainly be caught up by episode 18, which is the start of the next arc. Or at least, 17 looks like the end of this one.

Read the post below for the status of Vanadis. There will be delays but not for too long. edit: I think the forecast on the specials is a bit optimistic, though, given what I see done right now.

XDCC: !sao215

Sword Art Online II 14.5 (RECAP)

Nothing to see here.

It’s the recap. Skip over this Same As Original stuff unless you’re just that hype for it or something. I don’t think they animated anything new this ep. It just plays back old scenes with some 30-odd new lines from Sinon as a narrator reflecting on stuff.

We ran with a skeleton crew this week, where I did almost all the wrangling around with the script, finding the lines from the previous episodes. Yes, I know what I put in the OP and ED this time kind of look like crap this episode. If you bother watching this, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Vanadis is coming along, as are the short web specials, and they should be coming in the kind of nearish-but-not-imminent future.

XDCC: !sao214_5

Sword Art Online II 14


twinkle: We’re a bit late this week because we got started a bit late, but also we were considering legit typesetting this one sign in the middle of the episode that’s… well, apparently it was more work than anticipated. Then when we checked our group name, it turned out that we weren’t Irrational Typesetting Wizardry, so we ended up bailing and going with plan B. It may be redone for batch.

Anyway, enjoy your dose of Stellar Armament Operation.

The Madan no Ou to Vanadis specials uploaded on YouTube by mediafactory is a thing. Work has started on it and we will release it when it’s done.

XDCC: !sao214

Sword Art Online II 13

Kind of hard to pick a screenshot that’s not spoiling, so here’s some second-best girl. Hm, I wonder if Kirito’s Smelly As Otaku after all that sweating and exertion. Yes, while lying comatose in bed. You know.

By the way, there was some screwup and also some miscommunication about XeXeeD’s name in prior episodes. In some previous episodes, including the first one, we used Zexceed. It’ll be all changed to XeXeeD for batch according to Master Rekyu’s wishes. Sorry. Also, this ep Hyaku fixed the studio’s bad Engrish spelling on one sign.

I’d say we’re still looking for staff, though we’ve been thankfully adding somewhat to our ranks in the last few weeks. See Hyaku’s last post for more details.

XDCC: !sao213